Louis Theroux issues update amid ongoing health battle

Louis Theroux and wife Nancy Strang pictured together in 2019
-Credit: (Image: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

Louis Theroux has candidly discussed his battle with alopecia, expressing concern that his hair loss could affect how attractive he is to wife Nancy Strang. The 54-year-old acclaimed documentary filmmaker, who has been experiencing a gradual loss of hair due to the condition, admits to feeling increasingly self-conscious about his appearance.

He said one concern is that he thinks his wife, whom he married in 2012 and with whom he shares sons Albert, 14, Frederick, 11, and Walter, four, does place importance on it. During an interview on the This Past Weekend podcast he confessed: "It's stressful. I care a bit because I think my wife cares. And the last thing I need is to be even less attractive to her." He humorously added: "She is too good for me. She's so much better looking than I am. But I was on TV when I met her so it was adjusted. It was adjusted for celebrity."

As the host of Forbidden America Louis is no stranger to the public eye and the visible signs of alopecia are something he confronts every time he sees his reflection, noting the stark contrast from his previously full head of hair. He revealed: "I used to have a beard and then I got alopecia. Yeah, my beard fell out. And my hair has gone thin. I have patches in my hair."

He lamented the change, saying: "It's always there. It's there when I look in the mirror. And if I touch my hair I used to feel kind of thick, luscious locks – like gorgeous, just enjoyable. And then little holes appear." Despite the challenges Louis has noticed some positive developments, as his beard begins to regrow – albeit with white hair. "My beard – it's coming back but it's white. I feel like one of those guys who's seen a ghost and their hair goes white and falls out." For the latest TV and showbiz news sign up to our newsletter.