Louis Theroux Shaken By Threat From Violent Drunk To ‘Ruin’ Him On Alcoholism Documentary

He’s confronted paedophiles, religious nuts, psychopaths and neo-Nazis on his shows.

But Louis Theroux was left “shaken” while filming his latest documentary when a rowdy drunk threatened to “f****** ruin” him.

Theroux, below, was investigating the effects booze has on addicts at a South London hospital when he asked to visit a patient he had met.


Her boyfriend, named Gary, also an alcoholic, appeared in a local park alongside them and started joking in front of the camera.

But in footage captured during a break in filming, Gary squared up to Theroux, below last year at the premiere of his Scientology documentary, and warned: “Do you want to see me go? This is the other thing alcoholics does. Are they watching? I’ll f****** ruin you!”


Film crews shooting Theroux’s Drinking To Oblivion, to be shown Sunday on BB2, were seen rushing to Theroux’s aid before the screen goes black.

A source told The Sun: “Louis was really shaken up by the experience. The man suddenly turned from jokey to quite violent.

“The film crew had to come in and help him. It shows the effects that alcohol can have on addicts’ behaviour.”

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