Louis Tomlinson And Liam Payne Donate Over £5Million At Charity Ball - The Cutest Moments

In case you missed it, last night Louis Tomlinson of One Direction hosted a pretty bloomin’ beautiful Cinderella Ball for Believe In Magic - a charity dedicated to spreading magic to terminally and seriously ill children.

Despite the fact that he is in the middle of a worldwide tour, Louis found the time to organise and attend the ball, making sure that each of the little princesses and princes had the chance to feel like royalty for a night.

We promised ourselves that we wouldn’t cry… WELP.

Because there was too much adorable-ness to ever fit into one piece, we decided that we would create an extra special article that counted down the absolute cutest moments of the night and be warned… You will definitely need a tissue by the end of it.

1. “I wanted to thank Louis for dancing with my daughter, because she’ll never arrive at her own wedding.”

Understandably, seeing their babies get all dressed up and treated to perhaps the best night ever was pretty emotional for the parents, with one choked up grown up reportedly thanking Louis for taking the time to make his daughter feel like the most important person in the world.

Are you ugly crying yet?

According to guests, both Louis and Liam Payne, who attended in support of his bandmate and the very worthy cause, both made sure that they interacted with every child at the event; greeting them and their parents as they made their way down the royal staircase and taking the time to dance.

Thanking everybody for coming, Louis is also said to have gushed in his speech: “You’re all my princesses and prince charmings, tonight and always.”

2. One Direction’s generosity

Even though Louis was the host and Harry Styles and Niall Horan were unable to attend, all of the boys did their bit to help the ball go as perfectly as possible.

According to reports, Louis T alone donated £2million to Believe In Magic, as well as organising the do and buying plenty of toys and presents for every single guest.

FYI, £2million is thought to be around 10% of the 23 year old’s net worth.

On top of that, Liam splashed out on a table at the event, which was about £10,000, and both boys made sure that they bought borderline useless items during the auction for thousands and thousands of pounds.

Well, it’s all going to a good cause, isn’t it?

Louis splashed out £6,000 on a pair of suspenders, Liam flashed the cash on a designer bag, which Louis also kept bidding on in order to get the price up, and Lou wrapped it up by bidding £10,000 for Liam to get his face painted.

All in a day’s work.

There in spirit, both Harry and Niall donated items to be auctioned - with Harry giving away his fave shirt and Niall offering up a personally designed, and signed, guitar.

Nice one.

3. Ben Haenow serenading a princess.

Last year’s X Factor winner, Ben Haenow, was also in attendance as Louis’ special guest and did a pitch-perfect set midway through the night.

Keen to make a fuss of the kids, Ben serenaded them with one performance - dedicated to a young princess called Eleanor - being caught on camera specifically to melt our hearts and make us sob.

Cheers for that, Ben.

4. Louis with kids

In general, it is widely known that Louis has a heart of gold and a soft spot for children, so it comes as no surprise that he was an absolute natural with all of the kids throughout the night, with the family of a little girl called Eleanor, who is blind due to a brain tumour, sharing their story throughout the night over on their Twitter page.

Reportedly, Lou told the absolute cutie that he wished she could see just how beautiful she looks, and no doubt made Eleanor’s year. 

On top of that, he had really thought of everything with the entire event being kid-orientated with face-painting stations, dinosaur exhibitions (oh, it was at the Natural History Museum, FYI), and filling up their goody bags with both educational and fun toys and gifts.


5. Louis’ speech

As host of the event, it was expected that Louis would give a speech, which he did and he absolutely nailed it.

On top of welcoming the children and explaining exactly why Believe In Magic is such a worthy cause, he also introduced his “beautiful mother”, Johannah Deakin, who helped him with all of the organising while her heart was no doubt exploding with pride.

To wrap up the night, Louis shared: “I think every child deserves to have their first dance and prom, so thank you for being with me tonight.

“It’s an honour. You’re all my princesses tonight.”

And d’yknow what? We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

We hope all of the princes and princesses had the brilliant night that they deserved - they all looked absolutely beautiful.