Louis Tomlinson heaps praise on 'amazing' Harry Styles

After taking a bit of a break from the spotlight whilst he worked on his debut solo album, One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is back on the interview circuit following the release of his second single ‘Back To You’, a collaboration with Bebe Rexha.

In his latest chat, Louis has heaped praise on his bandmate Harry Styles, admitting that he has a “very high level of respect” for the star following his transition to Hollywood actor.

Louis has gushed about his 1D bandmate.

Speaking about a possible One Direction reunion, 25-year-old Louis explained: “Honestly, I just think it’s too difficult to say [when the band will reunite], especially with someone like Harry, who’s got so much potential.

“It’s just kind of a confusing place for him to be as an individual, to be like, ‘OK, what is next?’

“There’s no politics or anything. Inevitably in a band, you’re going to get some people who get on really well and some people who get on quite well.

Louis has released his second solo single.

“I have forever had a very, very high level of respect for Harry.”

The star continued to The Sun: “He’s great in this situation, he’s great on stage, he’s a great musician and artist.”

The comments come after Louis publicly supported Harry’s acting debut in Christopher Nolan war epic Dunkirk.

Speaking on Kiss 100, the singer admitted that he hadn’t seen the film yet but continued: “I’m very, very excited for him, very proud of him.

Harry’s performance in Dunkirk has been critically acclaimed.

“I mean it’s amazing to see. I think we all knew he liked that kind of thing [and] it wasn’t that much of a surprise to us.”

Louis’ comments pour even more cold water over speculation that the One Direction boys aren’t friends, with Niall Horan also speaking out recently to praise his former bandmates’ solo efforts.

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