Louis Tomlinson insists he is 'just like you' in personal new song

Louis Tomlinson has never been one to play by the rules and yesterday he sent his fans into a frenzy after revealing that he had convinced his record label to let him release an unofficial single earlier than planned.

Taking to Twitter, the One Direction star revealed that his third single as a solo artist was due for release later this year, however, he wanted to treat his millions of dedicated followers to a special track in the meantime.

Louis is not a fan of the celeb lifestyle. Copyright: [AP]

He wrote: “So I wrote a song called ‘Just Like You’ a few months ago. After a few conversations with the label I told them that I wanted to release it.

“My next single will be a bit later this year but I wanted to share this with you now. This is for you lot!”

Louis later added: “This is one of my favourites from the album. Conceptually I think it’s sums me up!”

Fans were forced to wait until midnight local time before they could hear the song but it did not disappoint, with 25-year-old Louis using the track to bravely open up about his personal life as he insists that emotionally he is just like everybody else, in spite of his fame and fortune.

‘Just Like You’ is not an official single for the star.

Louis sings: “I’m just like you, even though my problems look nothing like yours do.

“I get sad too and when I’m down I need somebody to talk to.

“I feel the same way as you would do too; same stress, same sh*t to go through.

“I’m just like you, if you only knew.”

The star goes on to insist that he is at his happiest enjoying a pub lunch with a cheap beer and that’d he’d rather enjoy a night in smoking than out at a swanky party.

Louis’ new song is incredibly personal. Copyright: [Getty]

Speaking about the song, Louis said: “Just Like You is a song I’m really attached to. It’s all about this view of celebrities that we’re impenetrable and almost not human, but fundamentally we all have the same problems.

“Heartbreak feels the same, loss feels the same, all these feelings are the same for all of us.”

The song’s release comes four months after Louis opened up about his mother’s tragic death, with the star being left heartbroken when Johannah Deakin, passed away following a short battle with leukaemia in December last year.

Insisting that he doesn’t want to sell a “sob story” and that he doesn’t want people to “feel sorry” for him, Louis spoke about Johannah’s diagnosis in June this year.

Louis’ mum passed away in December 2016. Copyright: [Rex]

Speaking to The Observer, Louis recalled where he was when his mother told him that she had terminal cancer, sharing: “[I was] at Jamie Vardy’s wedding of all places. Talk about your places, for something super-traumatic.”

Louis had previously admitted: “When i first found out the news I kind of did want to throw the towel in.

“But it was my mum who said to me that I’ve just got to keep going, telling me very sternly that she wanted me to. So I’m not doing it for her but…”

Louis bravely performed on the X Factor just days after his mother’s death. Copyright: [ITV]

The star has gone on to enjoy huge success in his solo career, with his debut single ‘Just Hold On’ and second release ‘Back To You’, featuring Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals, both reaching number one across the globe.

Louis is currently recording his debut solo album, which is due for release next year.

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