Louis Walsh on X Factor fun, 90s pop music and working with Simon Cowell

Pop music manager and talent show legend Louis Walsh chats to Kate about putting together Westlife and Boyzone, the incredible time he had working with Simon Cowell, and his favourite memories from The X Factor.

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Video transcript


LOUIS WALSH: Well, then we worked on "X Factor" and we had even more fun.

KATE THORNTON: Well, our dressing room-- so all four of us were next door to each other. In fact, I was the next to Simon, and then on the other side of me was Sharon, and then you were at the end. It was a little hotbed of action, wasn't it, that dressing room corridor?

LOUIS WALSH: If people knew what went on. That was the real show. And it was all real, because everybody thought we were in on who's getting voted or what category. We didn't know anything.

It's boring now. You have to be, everyone is wonderful and you're going to be a star and all that. I mean, they're not going to be a star. You know, there's very few stars out there. And it's like, I think people have to be honest. That's the one thing about Simon. He was honest, and people might not have liked that, but it's very hard to make it in this business, even if you're good, you know?

You ever forget me hassling you about something? The new act of the year of "Smash Hits"

KATE THORNTON: Oh, god, yeah. Your two brothers. Your two bloody brothers. I gave in, though. I gave them to you. They were nice lads, but, oh, Louis. You were relentless.

LOUIS WALSH: I was hard work.

KATE THORNTON: It was like, look, who's talking. You used to fax me, phone me, page me.

LOUIS WALSH: I used every day. Promised you the world. Promised you everything.

KATE THORNTON: What were they called, your brothers?

LOUIS WALSH: Carter Twins.

KATE THORNTON: Lovely lads.

LOUIS WALSH: Yeah, I know.

KATE THORNTON: You used to say to me, they're like two young Elvises.

LOUIS WALSH: Kate, I started at the bottom. That's what people don't realize today. You have to start at the bottom and claw your way there. And anybody I know that's kind of made it and has a long career, that's what happens.