Louise Jameson feels 'terrified' of being scammed

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Louise Jameson worries about being scammed credit:Bang Showbiz
Louise Jameson worries about being scammed credit:Bang Showbiz

'Emmerdale' star Louise Jameson has been inundated with scam calls and emails since turning 70.

The 72-year-old actress - who plays Mary Goskirk in the ITV soap - has revealed that she feels "terrified" of being scammed.

Louise - whose on-screen character is set to be swindled out of her life savings - told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I will get an email, phone call or text at least once a week trying to tempt me into some scam.

"They could well be algorithms but there are ones that will say things like 'I've got loads of money, can you give me your bank details so I can put it in there.'"

Louise even became suspicious of the BBC, her former employer, when the corporation asked for her bank details in order to pay royalties.

She shared: "They had to jump through hoops to persuade me it was the correct way to get royalties. I won't give away anything unless I am face-to-face in the actual building."

Meanwhile, Louise previously suggested that embracing her natural colour has actually helped her career.

The veteran actress - who previously starred on 'EastEnders' - told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "It’s extraordinary, but literally, since I’ve stopped dyeing my hair, there’s been lots of work coming in. I’ve had eight or nine offers.

"I thought it would be the opposite, but no, work’s actually expanded for me. Some actors try to look younger and manage it brilliantly, but I think if there’s an air of desperation about trying to hang on to your youth, then it does limit your casting.

"I’m very happy being 70 and letting my hair go white and not going down the Botox route. I think that age has to be embraced naturally."