Louise Jameson returning as Leela for more Doctor Who adventures

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Louise Jameson ready for more adventures as Doctor Who companion Leela credit:Bang Showbiz
Louise Jameson ready for more adventures as Doctor Who companion Leela credit:Bang Showbiz

Louise Jameson will be reprising her role as Leela for more 'Doctor Who' audio adventures.

The 71-year-old actress played the Sevateem warrior opposite Fourth Doctor Tom Baker between 1977 and 1978 and is one of the most beloved companions of all-time thanks to her appearances in iconic stories such as 'The Face of Evil' and 'Horror of Fang Rock’.

Away from TV, Louise has reprised her role as Leela on numerous occasions in the Big Finish audio adventures, reuniting with Tom, 88, and working with other Doctors, and she has already agreed to more stories, even giving up some of her precious holiday days from ITV soap 'Emmerdale' to record her parts for Big Finish producer David Richardson.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, she said: "I booked two weeks off early this year, on 'Emmerdale' we can book our holidays in advance, and already David Richardson has snaffled up four of them to do some Leela recordings."

Louise - who plays Mary Goskirk in 'Emmerdale' - will forever be grateful to Big Finish for creating new 'Doctor Who' stories and keeping the show alive after it was cancelled by the BBC in 1989.

And it was her voice work for Big Finish that allowed her to keep working and earning during the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020.

She said: "It was Big Finish and Doctor Who magazine that really championed it through those dark years, when it wasn’t on television.

“And I worked all the way through the pandemic. I got tip top equipment which paid for itself within two weeks. I know some people had a really ghastly time so I don’t want to decry that, but I really enjoyed the pandemic, especially the first stint. It was like somebody had pressed the pause button and I could do my work in my pyjamas, I just loved it.”

Louise has teamed up with 'It's A Sin' actor Omari Douglas for new 'Torchwood' audio adventure 'Double', which has been directed by Barnaby Edwards.

In the political thriller Louise plays 1970s Torchwood leader, and former spy, Roberta Craven, and she is joined in her fight to save planet Earth from the Autons alien race by ambitious journalist, Neal Hart, portrayed by Omari, 28.

'Torchwood: Double' is now available exclusively from Bigfinish.com.