Louise Redknapp (part 1) on returning to the spotlight

In the first of a special two-parter, singer Louise Redknapp talks to Kate about the worries of relaunching her career

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Video transcript

LOUISE REDKNAPP: It was more scary, at the thought of coming back to work. That was where-- I knew I wanted to, but that was where I think the real nerves really hit in. I don't feel-- up until that point-- I had overthought anything. Like, the eternal days, leaving was really scary.

But again, I must have been so resilient. So I just picked up and started again.

KATE THORNTON: You really did.

LOUISE REDKNAPP: I just was like, OK, "Light of My Life," "Naked," oh, I'm going to go and work with Madonna's choreographer Jaime King and roll around in a box-- this-- yeah, I'm up for that-- in a silver suit that lights up.


It's just like, I'll throw myself at anything. And then having the kids, I'm like, right, OK, it's time to be a mom. But then, when it hit me that I want to work, but how do I work again? And what do I do?