Louise Redknapp swears live on Strictly: It Takes Two

Justin Harp
Photo credit: BBC

From Digital Spy

Some people tuning into Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two in the pre-watershed hours got a slightly jolting surprise when Louise Redknapp performed live.

The former Eternal singer, and last year's Strictly Come Dancing runner-up, dropped by the BBC Two series at tea time on Thursday to close out its penultimate episode with a song, but viewers got more than they bargained for.

Photo credit: BBC

Louise brought us all back to 2000 with a retro-tastic reinvention of her hit '2 Faced', which is unquestionably a banger - but it does have some slightly risque lyrics. Sing along to the noughties classic below:

Whether Louise forgot to change the lyrics for a pre-watershed audience or nobody bothered to flag up the mild swear words, she got "stop your bitchin'" on air a few times by the end of the song.

"Bitching" is definitely not the most offensive swear word to ever go out on the Beeb at tea time, but there were at least a few people who grumbled on Twitter nonetheless.

One Twitter user questioned the impact of the word "bitching" on the "young impressionable peeps watching", while another scoffed at Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two calling itself "family programming"

Here are a few of the complaints that have been logged on social media: