Louisiana Man Records Destruction After Hurricane Ida Rips Roof Off His Home

A man in Houma, Louisiana, began filming after Hurricane Ida ripped the roof off his home, allowing wind and rain to lash the interior, following the storm’s landfall in the south of the state.

In an Instagram post, Trevon Gauno said he was in his room when the roof was pulled away by the force of the hurricane. Surveying additional damage to the structure, Gauno said “life is bigger than material things.” He told Storyful that he was able to seek shelter at a relative’s home nearby.

Flash flood warnings were in effect across the region, where authorities urged residents to take shelter. As of Sunday afternoon, Ida was moving inland in Louisiana, maintaining “sustained winds”https://www.nola.com/news/hurricane/article_bb007510-0909-11ec-a191-3b1544fad9f9.html: of 130 mph. Credit: @trevongauno via Storyful

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