Louisiana Police Remove Snake That Slithered Into Apartment

Police officers removed a speckled kingsnake that found its way inside an apartment in Slidell, Louisiana, on Saturday, June 18.

The Slidell Police Department released bodycam footage showing Officer Thomas Swanton digging through a closet at the St. Theresa Villa apartment complex.

Officer Swanton managed to capture the reptile and carried it outside, where he released it.

The speckled kingsnake is non-venomous and is endemic to the United States, according to experts. Credit: Slidell Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

- Hey, how you doing?

- Hi.

- What kind of--

- Right where she's going. She won't go in.

- Do you know what kind of snake it is?

- I don't know.

- Is it big?

- I can just grab her.


- I mean, that's all-- oh, there he is.


- It's a kingsnake. Speckled kingsnake.

- Tell you what, grab that.

- What?

- That soft piece right there and pull him out a little bit.

- That way his head's not at you.

- They usually just-- they give you, like, a little warning strike, but--

- But you can use that to pin its head.

- It's all right.

- He bit your glove.

- Yeah.


- Got him.

- We have captured the snake.

- 10-4. [INAUDIBLE] go ahead.

- All right, go ahead and catch the door.

- Yeah. Where is this?

- [INAUDIBLE] into a racetrack on [INAUDIBLE] highway.

- Snap your photo.

- Louisiana plate.

- We got him.

- What is it?

- Speckled kingsnake.

- Yeah, that's what I told her.

- Watch out.

- Oh, I ain't worried about that. No.

- He's feisty. He's biting. Yeah.

- I mean, it's scary to you.

- All right, thank y'all.

- No problem.

- Thank y'all so much.

- Y'all have a good night. You want to let him on the other side?

- Yeah.

- Or back over here.

- I think he actually did get me on my hand, like, on the backside of the glove. Yeah.

- Good thing they're not poisonous.

- Right.

- How the hell you got in there, you little booger?


No, don't bite me, please. All right, shine some light, because I can't see. All right, get on out of here.

- Bye, friend. Still see him?

- Yep.

- There he goes.

- Another reptile saved. Woo!


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