Louisiana Shed Takes Flight as Hurricane Zeta Hits

Powerful winds from Hurricane Zeta lifted a New Orleans–area shed from its foundation and left it in a tree on October 28. Video captured by the shed’s owner shows the moment its contents spill on the lawn as the structure is neatly lifted skyward.

James Wiley recorded this footage, which shows his orange-and-white shed in Marrero, Louisiana, being battered by rain and wind when it suddenly takes flight. The shed flies into the air, leaving pool toys, a propane tank, and other miscellaneous items exposed to the elements. The shed is later seen stuck in a tree.

The National Hurricane Center warned of a life-threatening storm surge, powerful winds, and heavy rain as Zeta moved through southeastern Louisiana and southern Mississippi on Wednesday, October 28.

By Friday morning, the hurricane had weakened to a tropical storm. Credit: James Wiley via Storyful