Love Actually fan spots a big Hugh Grant costume blunder

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Photo credit: Universal

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With Christmas favourite Love Actually back on Netflix and being watched by pretty much everyone all over again, one fan has spotted an error that's escaped nearly everyone's gaze for... oh, about 15 years now.

Fans of the movie have doted over the story's twists and turns since its release in 2003, but still nobody decided to investigate the state of the Prime Minister's tie collection – because throughout one particular scene, it looks like the costume continuity was massively forgotten about.

As pointed out by one Love Actually viewer on Twitter, Hugh Grant's character David has a bit of a nightmare with his tie during one of his first scenes as the newly-elected Prime Minister enters Number 10 for the first time.

"Right. What in the name of Jesus is going on with Prime Minister Hugh Grant's tie in Love Actually?" he wrote.

"Can't believe I never noticed this. Film should have been called 'The Man Who Sold His Soul For A Magical Tie'."

This isn't the first time the error has been pointed out either, as back in 2015 another Twitter user shared a screenshot of the offending tie along with the caption: "Hugh Grant as PM is so turned on when he meets his love interest, his tie changes back and forth."



Alright, so maybe it's not as earth-shattering as some movie errors, but still, we bet it's all you'll be able to notice the next time you sit down to watch the scene.

Meanwhile, Love Actually's script editor Emma Freud has revealed that, if the film had been made today, Keira Knightley's character in the film would be portrayed by a different actress.

Photo credit: Universal Pictures - Universal
Photo credit: Universal Pictures - Universal

"Well lots of them would be the same - Hugh was a surprisingly young Prime Minister, but would be searingly realistic now," she explained. "And there will never be a better Karen than Emma [Thompson], even when she's 90.

"But I know Richard [Curtis] would cast either Saoirse Ronan or Lily James as the young bride [played by Knightley]. And definitely Asim Chaudhry as Colin Frissell."

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