Will Love Is Blind be coming to the UK?

Dusty Baxter-Wright
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If you didn't already know, Love Is Blind is taking over our lives the world the internet, as Netflix fans binge-watch the show which involves people getting engaged without ever meeting in the flesh.

The season finale went down last night, and viewers got to see which of the engaged couples eventually said 'I do' and got married, and which ones decided the "social experiment" wasn't to be.

While we LIVED for the drama of it all, we couldn't help but think how brilliant a British version would be. The banter, the accents, the bonding over how they all have their tea. And we're not the only ones - Twitter is rife with people desperate for a Love Is Blind UK.

"I’m tryna see a UK Love is Blind," one person wrote, while another added, "They should do a Love Is Blind UK. I would actually go." A third said, "hi @NetflixUK bring Love Is Blind to the UK as well, we deserve a British version, thank you."

Other comments included:

  • "I want them to do Love Is Blind UK that would be wild"
  • "Will there ever be a UK version of Love is Blind?"
  • "Love Is Blind is throughly entertaining. wish there was a UK version coz it’d slap better."

Basically, the people are keen. But what actually is the potential for Love Is Blind coming to the UK?

As of yet, neither Netflix or Kinetic Content, the production company behind the show, have commented on the likelihood of a British version. And while Netflix says there's nothing in the pipeline that they know of, a source tells Cosmopolitan UK the production company would "love to have international versions made".

It wouldn't be the first time a reality TV show had been picked up internationally by Netflix - The Circle US (produced by Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group) started streaming on the service in January 2020, based on the British series of the same name.

Married At First Sight, which is a similar concept to Love Is Blind, has also had international versions - based on a Danish series of the same name titled Gift Ved Første Blik - it exists both in the UK and US.

OK, so this is just speculation for now, but if Netflix are keen to launch a British version? While we might not be the first people to sign up (or maybe we would...), we'd definitely be waiting in line to stream Love Is Blind UK.

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