Love Fireball? You Can Now Buy An Entire Keg At Costco

Two red Fireball kegs
Two red Fireball kegs - Pedro Huerta / X, formerly known as Twitter

If you were impressed by Costco's wide selection of bulk groceries and other goods, wait until you get a load of one of its most recent products. According to a TikTok clip, the warehouse retailer is currently selling an entire keg of Fireball Whisky, a liquor widely known for its bold cinnamon flavor. The Fireball keg retails for $69.99 and contains just over 1.3 gallons of whisky, which provides more than 115 shots. And with three separate spouts, multiple people can get their fill of Fireball at the same time.

As for availability, it's unlikely that this hot item (pun intended) will stick around forever. It's also worth noting that not every Costco location can sell alcohol, as state laws dictate which establishments are permitted to do so. For instance, shoppers in Maryland and Pennsylvania can't buy any kind of alcohol in Costco, while New Mexico, Washington, Florida, and several other states allow members to buy beer, wine, and liquor. Some states, such as California and Kentucky, even permit sales of alcohol to shoppers without a Costco membership.

If you're lucky enough to live in a state where Costco can sell alcohol and you want this keg, it's best to act fast, as shoppers are extremely excited about it and it's likely to go out of stock quickly.

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What Are Shoppers Saying About Costco's Keg Of Fireball?

friends doing shots of brown liquor
friends doing shots of brown liquor - Izabela Habur/Getty Images

In the TikTok clip showcasing the Fireball keg, the creator of the video expressed a strong desire for the product, stating, "I absolutely need to get this." Many of the commenters on the video shared similar sentiments, and a few even claimed to have personal experience with the keg of whisky. "We used to buy a couple of these for my college parties I promise it's a worthy investment," noted one commenter, while another said, "Can confirm this thing lasted me & my friends 4 months."

Other people remarked on what a wonderful gift a Fireball keg would make, whether for the holidays or a loved one's birthday. Some people were impressed by the concept of having a keg of liquor on-hand, but wondered if there could be options other than Fireball. One person even lamented the fact that it wasn't filled with tequila, which would be ideal for margarita enthusiasts. For the time being, it seems that party-minded Costco shoppers will need to make do with the Fireball-filled version of this fun and functional product.

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