Love Island 2018 boys: Who’s the muggiest of them all? Your complete ranking

Emma Powell
Muggy men: The Love Island 2018 boys: ITV

Did you know Love Island is on? And obviously when we're not cancelling evening plans for eight weeks to feast on villa life we're writing about villa life and what better topic to talk about than how muggy the men are this year.

Jack's cheating ways have been exposed, Eyal took on Dr Alex to win over Megan in the easiest reality TV love battle ever and Adam is one more woman away from growing scales and metamorphosing into a snake.

So, who is the muggiest of them all?

1. Adam

Oh Adam. If only he would pay as much attention to his morals as he does his muscles he may have received more than a measly four bets on being crowned top boy. The Geordie personal trainer has displayed full on muggy behaviour which saw him nick Kendall from Niall only to get her kicked out of the villa days later after newcomer Rosie moved in.

A brief case of memory loss saw him forget his “type” and reject Rosie in favour of “intriguing” government advisor Zara. He then surprised no one by being the biggest d*** and smirking his way through Rosie’s tears as she tried to confront him about his obsession with needing every female ‘bombshell’ who walks through the villa doors.

2. Wes

At first it was hard to know if Wes even had the ability to be muggy. The 20-year-old was tunnel vision on Laura, following her around like a lovesick teen as he struggled to stop himself from awkwardly spitting out the ‘L’ word.

*Cue Ellie*

Wes turned full-on-Adam as he told Laura she needed to realise that “we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend” and that she “can’t be really protective” because it’s not as if Wes sat there and told her he could “see the start” of himself falling in love with her. But after a brush off from Ellie, who realised her best chance of winning is to stick with the doctor, he remembered who Laura is and went running back to tell her she’s top of his list.

Sorry Wes, it’s time for you to join Adam in the bin.

3. Eyal

After wooing viewers with his chakra chat and his knowledge of astronomy it soon became clear Eyal was a wolf dressed in sheeps clothing. We all felt bad when Hayley said she felt physically sick at hearing the poor boy breathe, but when Megan sashayed into the villa, Eyal the snake declared war on love rival Dr Alex.

He kissed Megan on their first date and pretended to be a decent guy by not telling the medic minutes before his date with the former stripper. He then slithered his way in to sabotage every advance Dr Alex made on Megan ahead of the recoupling. But he hit Taylor Swift levels of snake when he pulled Megan in for a kiss in front of Dr Alex who he claimed he didn’t see – probably because his aura was choked with muggy vibes.

4. Jack

Suspicious: Dani was not impressed with Jack's confession (ITV)

Self-proclaimed melt Jack has won over Dani with his “word vomit” – but he came close to losing out on a date with Danny Dyer’s daughter after his cheating ways were exposed. The Essex lad left Dani in tears after it was revealed he had cheated on all of his ex-girlfriends. But in his defence he has only had two exes. That must make it alright then.

5. Dr Alex

Head to head: Eyal and Dr Alex fought over Megan(ITV)

Dr Alex is no Muggy Mike, but in attempting to resuscitate his fledgling love life he did exhibit some mildly muggy behaviour. He took on love rival Eyal by allowing the boys to distract the faux hippie from Megan before he swooped in to win her affections. It doesn’t feel like muggy behaviour because it’s Alex the sunburnt doctor, but let’s be honest if it wasn’t for his complete lack of understanding of women, or if it was any of the other guys, that cloak and daggers act would have been muggy.

6. Josh

Josh has taken a back seat from the villa drama, occasionally popping up to tell a clearly disinterested Georgia how much he likes her.

But despite not exhibiting any muggy attributes so far, the LADBible presenter reportedly dumped his ex-girlfriend of seven years weeks before he hot footed it to Mallorca.

Muggy: Josh reportedly exhibited some questionable behaviour before heading into the villa(ITV)

She claims they own a house together and have pets and that he told her he was heading to Russia for the World Cup before he went AWOL.

Technically this doesn’t count as it didn’t happen on the show, but Josh has been as boring as Dr Alex’s love life so for want of something to write we’ve had to drag up his life pre-Love Island.

7. Sam

We don’t know much about ‘The Bird’ other than that he refers to himself in the third person and got mugged off by his beautician who left him with one fat and one thin eyebrow ahead of his TV debut.

He won over viewers after calling out Adam before trying, and failing, to educate the baffled Geordie on why it’s really not that bad to be nice to women. So far so good.

But he’s also made it clear that he’s got lots of eggs and there’s baskets all over the villa and he’s just putting them in.

Love Island is on ITV2, tonight at 9pm