Love Island 2018: New girl Megan shares a kiss with Eyal on first date... as Alex is left in the friend-zone yet again

Natasha Sporn
Romance: Eyal Booker and Megan Barton Hanson: ITV

Alex George faced another setback to his Love Island journey as newcomer Megan Barton Hanson got close to Eyal Booker during her first hours in the villa while Wes Nelson and Laura Anderson's relationship is blossoming in the hideaway.

A glimmer of hope for Alex soon turned into competition and then disappointment as he realised he would be competing with model Eyal for Megan’s affections.

The newcomer admitted she found both Islanders attractive but her date with Eyal ended with the couple smooching, later locking lips in a game of dares.

And after both her dates, it was Eyal that Megan gushed over in the Beach Hut suggesting where her future desires may sit, later telling the girls that she felt bad for getting Alex's hopes up...

Closer: Eyal Booker and Megan Barton Hanson shared a second smooch during a game of dares (ITV)

Alex, after finding out about their kiss during a chat with Eyal, told the Beach Hut that he wishes somebody had told him and that he didn't go in for a kiss because it was only the first date.

Warning shots were fired early on as Eyal stopped a cosy-looking conversation between Alex and Megan early on by coming over to sit with Alex.

In the Beach Hut, Alex vented: “I’m surprised that Eyal approached in that situation, it wasn’t as if we’d been there for 20 minutes, half an hour, I’d literally been with her for a few moments and he just came on over.

“That didn’t sit so well with me,” the frustrated medic added.

Megan, as the new girl, then had three dates to choose and romanced Niall Aslam and Eyal for her first two, leaving Alex fretting back at the villa.

He told the others: “I want to have a chance to see what could happen. I feel like when we had a chat earlier on, Megan and I had a connection.

“But whether she feels the same, I don’t know. I feel frustrated, it’s been quite a journey here so far and I just want a break.”

Despite choosing Alex for her third date, Megan already seemed smitten with Eyal having got close to him just moments before.

And Samira may have found her man as she admitted to the cameras that Charlie was her type and that they'd hit it off on their date.

Meanwhile, Wes and Laura will enjoy a night in the hideaway - which has a more demure look this year - after being voted for a night away by their new pals.

Wes confided in the air hostess that he has had the best week he has spent with a girl in the past seven days in the villa

Later, a game of dares encouraged the singletons to get up close and personal with their fellow contestants – but not quite like that.

During the game, in which Hayley didn't know what an earlobe was, Josh licked Samira’s toe before taking part in a four-way kiss while Eyal opted to kiss Megan again instead of sucking her finger.

Elsewhere during the episode, Georgia Steel wasn’t best pleased when Megan decided to take Niall on a date, fuming that she has “never had competition before” – but has Niall’s head been turned?

Love Island continues Tuesday at 9pm on ITV2.