Love Island 2021: Millie ‘baffled’ over Liam revelations as Lillie says she’s ‘gutted’ after Casa Amor events

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Love Island contestants Millie and Lillie had a face-to-face encounter in tonight’s (1 August) episode, amid the fallout from the events at Casa Amor.

As she reeled from the revelation that her former partner Liam was disloyal while he was at Casa Amor – having had his head turned by Lillie – Millie received a text.

“Millie. Please get ready to leave the Villa as Lillie is waiting for you to have a one-on-one,” the text read.

“I just want to apologise straight away if I came across as abrupt or anything like that last night. I’ve been true to myself the whole time I’ve been here and I couldn’t stand there and be quiet,” Lillie begins as the pair sit down together.

“I’m happy you did, because if you hadn’t said something, Liam potentially wouldn’t have been as truthful,” Millie responded. “I want to get your point of view. What happened? Start to finish really, how he spoke to you, how you got on.”

“There’s no nice way to put it,” Lillie said. “It was 50/50 equal, if anything he was probably 60/40 pushing it more... talking about bed situations. The first night there was cuddles.”

Lillie continued to drop truthbombs by revealing Liam had kissed her outside of the challenge and told her he was attracted to her.

“He was bigging it up [to the other boys,” she said.

Millie and Lillie hugged it out at the end of their conversation (ITV2)
Millie and Lillie hugged it out at the end of their conversation (ITV2)

Millie said she was “baffled” over why Liam had chosen to come back to the villa on his own, before asking Lillie how she felt.

Lillie said she felt “misled” by Liam’s behaviour.

The shocked islander was left to decide how she wants to proceed with Liam: “I deserve someone who knows what they want.”

“I want to thank you for being honest with me,” she said.

Love Island continues each night on ITV2 at 9pm, apart from Saturdays.

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