Love Island 2022 – live updates: Twist revealed as Davide receives first text in ITV2 launch show

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It only feels like yesterday that Millie and Liam won Love Island in August 2021.

But tonight (6 June), the ITV2 series is returning with a new batch of contestants who will enter the Spanish villa in the hopes of finding romance or, at the very least, getting a nice suntan.

Fans of the show – or those deciding to get involved for the first time – are preparing to meet the hopefuls, who will be introduced by presenter Laura Whitmore and narrator Iain Sterling.

One thing’s for certain; the launch episode will take on a different form. In a new clip, it’s revealed that the public will choose which contestants couple up as opposed to the contestants themselves.

Find all the updates from the build-up to the launch show below

Key Points

The first text of Love Island 2022!

22:32 , Jacob Stolworthy

And it’s for Davide,

“In 24 hours, you will couple up with a girl of your choice,” it reads, “leaving one boy single and vulnerable.”

That’s one hell of a powerful position for Davide to be in.

The Love Island girls all like the same boy

22:29 , Jacob Stolworthy

“So who does everyone like?”

That’s a unanimous Davide from the girls.

Let the games commence

22:18 , Jacob Stolworthy

The first Love Island ice breaker obviously involved clothing removal, finger sucking and a raunchy Magic Mike dance.

Oh, and Gemma kissed Davide even though she’s coupled up with Liam moments after spurning his lap dance request. I don’t know why but I don’t think these are destined to remain together.

The Love Island girls are extremely taken by Davide

22:15 , Jacob Stolworthy

So, what are the girls thinking of Davide?

Gemma was “blown away” by Davide (pronounced Daviday). Indiyah says he’s “really good looking” Tasha calls him “fit” and compares him to Hercules. Meanwhile, Paige says she’s ready to “get married” after laying eyes on him.

You can say they’re fans.

Uh oh – there’s a surprise new Love Island contestant

22:08 , Jacob Stolworthy

...and he is a self-proclaimed “Italian stallion” named Davide Sanclimenti.

You bet the boys are worried.

Find out more about him here.


22:07 , Jacob Stolworthy

“Bish sells fish” – Luca’s at it again. And we love it.

Tasha tells Love Island contestants about her past

21:56 , Jacob Stolworthy

Tasha is supported by her fellow contestants after she tells them she was born deaf.

Find out more about her history here.

Who is Tasha Ghouri, Love Island’s first deaf contestant?

21:53 , Jacob Stolworthy

Amber asked Dami who he’d have picked if the public hadn’t paired them together, and he said Indiyah or Paige.

Brave man to name two girls...

Love Island sparks flying

21:52 , Jacob Stolworthy

Tasha and Andrew seem to be getting on a bit better than Indiyah and Ikenna. They’re already talking about finding out how flexible each other are after all.

Meanwhile, Paige and Luca are describing their favourite sex positions (the Broken Eagle and “the Oyster something”, for those wondering).

It’s been about an hour.

Tension between Ikenna and Indiyah?

21:48 , Jacob Stolworthy

Ikenna is finding Indiyah “a tough egg to crack” but says the first impressions are “good”.

He also tells her his type is girls with “big bums”. Her response? “My bum isn’t big.”

The fireworks aren’t exactly flying between these two.

What do the Love Island girls think about their boys?

21:47 , Jacob Stolworthy

So what are the Love Island girls thinking about the boys the public chose for them?

It turns out Gemma is ambivalent about Liam.

Indiyah is happier than she seemed, and thinks Ikenna is “good looking”.

Luca isn’t Paige’s usual type (”not as tall as i’d hope for but the tats make up for it”).

Was the first Love Island shake-up a good one?

21:44 , Jacob Stolworthy

The decision to hand the Love Island power to the public isn’t going down super well with fans, who feel it stripped a lot of the dramatic heft away from the opening episode.

Do you agree?

Final Love Island couple announced

21:37 , Jacob Stolworthy

This leaves Paige and Luca as the fifth and final couple.

Also, Luca from Brighton probably had the greatest opening VT line in Love Island history:

“I’m Luca Bish and I sell fish”.

Fourth Love Island 2022 couple revealed

21:35 , Jacob Stolworthy

The public have paired together Tasha and Andrew.

Not sure why but it seems like these two could be a favourite among the public.

Find out more about Andrew here.

Meet Love Island 2022 contestant Andrew Le Page

Ikenna enters love Island villa

21:33 , Jacob Stolworthy

The public have chosen Indiyah and Ikenna as the third couple.

“You smell nice,” Indiyah tells him, not entirely enthused. Or is she playing it cool?

Liam is the latest Love Island contestant

21:29 , Jacob Stolworthy

“I know what I like and I know what I don’t like,” says Liam – not that he’s initially going to have a say in who he couples up with.

The public have chosen Gemma and Liam as the second couple.

Le’t ssee what happens when he realises who her dad is...


First Love Island couple revealed

21:26 , Jacob Stolworthy

The public has chosen Amber and Dami as the first couple.

They greeted each other with a handshake. Very formal.

“Yeah, why not?” she said when asked if she wa shappy with the decision.

21:23 , Jacob Stolworthy

We have our first ad break and, for those wondering, Boris Johnson is still the UK’s prime minister.

Dami is first Love Island boy to enter villa

21:19 , Jacob Stolworthy

Dami the Dubliner (as we’re now calling him) is the first boy up and he’s already spilling details about his you-know-what.

He’s also throwing his Irish charm the way of Laura Whitmore. Start as you mean to go on, Dami!

Find out more about him here.

Meet Love Island 2022 contestant Dami Hope

First Love Island twist revealed

21:17 , Jacob Stolworthy

“This is Love Island and you never know what to expect,” presenter Laura Whitmore says before revealing the first big twist of the series.

The public will pick which boy each girl will couple up with.

Gemma Owen enters Love Island – and she has a very famous dad

21:15 , Jacob Stolworthy

Michael Owen’s daughter(!) Gemma has entered the Love Island villa – and she’s dropped the biggest bombshell of the series so far: she has a horse name Sirius Black.

She also dropped a “goal” pun, which is completely fair enough.

Love Island contestant Amber enters villa

21:12 , Jacob Stolworthy

Self-confessed “wild child” Amber has entered Love Island in the hope of finding a “real man”.

Time will tell if she’s successful.


Meet Tasha

21:09 , Jacob Stolworthy

Next up is Tasha and, of course, she’s rolling around in a ballpit in her opening VT.

Who is Tasha Ghouri, Love Island’s first deaf contestant?

Meet Paige and Indiyah

21:07 , Jacob Stolworthy

Paige and Indiyah are first up – and they’ve already cracked into the champers. Wouldn’t you?

Where is the Love Island 2022 villa?

21:04 , Jacob Stolworthy

As Love Island narrator Iain Stirling just said, they are using a brand new villa for the 2022 series.

Find out more here.

Where is the Love Island villa this year?

Love Island 2022 begins

21:03 , Jacob Stolworthy

Well, here we go – Love Island is here and has an overlong opening VT to prove it.

20:58 , Jacob Stolworthy

Hats off to the ITV2 schedulers for sticking on Mamma Mia 2 before the new series begins.

Especially because it’s subtitled Here We Go Again, which is... quite apt for the moment.

Love Island fans in the US desperate for a link

20:51 , Jacob Stolworthy

Shout out to Maya Jama, who is in the US and desperate to find a way to watch the launch show.

20:45 , Jacob Stolworthy

This is your 15 minute warning – grab your water bottles and send your texts: Love Island 2022 is almost underway!

20:30 , Jacob Stolworthy

This is a good time to point out that Love Island goes on for longer every single year...

Old Love Island series ranked

20:15 , Jacob Stolworthy

Now is as good a time as any to reflect on previous Love Island series.

We had a go at ranking every one to date.

Do you agree?

Every series of Love Island ranked from worst to best

Love Island odds

20:00 , Jacob Stolworthy

If you’re a Love Island viewer who likes to place bets, then we have information for you.

The aforementioned Tash and Gemma are early favourites to win the show, but a good bet – according to experts, anyway – is Luca.

Find out all the odds here.


Love Island – Casa Amor

19:45 , Jacob Stolworthy

Yes, yes, we know Love Island is yet to begin, but we know you’re wondering whether Casa Amor will make a comeback this year.

Will Casa Amor happen on Love Island 2022?

Love Island 2022 has some early twists up its sleeve

19:30 , Jacob Stolworthy

If you think it’s business as usual for the annual Love Island launch episode, think again.

ITV has teased some big twists that will take place as the contestants enter the villa.

More will be revealed at 9pm...

What is the Love Island theme music?

19:15 , Jacob Stolworthy

Nothing says “Love Island has returned” better than its theme music.

If you’re wanting to rave along in your living room to the full tune, look no further: a simple Shazam will tell you it’s by A-MNEMONIC

It’s make or break for Love Island this year

19:00 , Jacob Stolworthy

In an attempt to refresh the format, Love Island bosses have made several changes ahead of this year’s series.

But will it be enought to improve ratings after a dip in 2021?

Love Island will welcome first deaf contestant to series

18:45 , Jacob Stolworthy

Tasha will be the first ever deaf contestant to feature on Love Island.

She was born completely deaf and got her cochlear implant at the age of five.

Discussing her hearing ahead of the show, Tasha said the her family call her “inspirational”, adding: “I inspire quite a lot of people because I’m really open about it.”

Find out more about Tasha here.


Love Island former winners

18:30 , Jacob Stolworthy

Love Island fans are no doubt feeling nostalgic about past contestants.

Here, we run through all the winners to date – and whether they’re still together...

Who are the previous winners of Love Island?

Where is the Love Island villa?

18:15 , Jacob Stolworthy

If anything, Love Island is good to watch ofr holiday inspiraton. This year will see contestants enter a brand new villa in Spain – find out more here.

Where is the Love Island villa this year?

Who is hosting Love Island?

18:00 , Jacob Stolworthy

Thi’s year’s series of Love Island will see the return of Laura Whitmore as presenter – and Iain Stirling will be providing his unmistakable voiceover for the series, too.

But, did you know the pair are dating in real life?


Love Island vs Boris Johnson vote of no confidence

17:45 , Jacob Stolworthy

It’s one of the more unlikely clashes of the year...

It’s been revealed that the Love Island launch episode will begin at exactly the same time the UK learns the result of the no-confidence vote in Boris Johnson.

Whichever way the vote goes, we’re not too sure ITV2 will be overjoyed about the timing.

Love Island 2022 first look

17:30 , Jacob Stolworthy

In fact, if you want a look at the Love Island launch episode, you can do so here thanks to the show’s official Twitter account.

Love Island’s link to... Michael Owen?

17:09 , Jacob Stolworthy

In the past, Love Island has featured Danny Dyer’s daughter, Tyson Fury’s brother and Ed Sheeran’s ex.

This year, the series will feature yet another celebrity link: Michael Owen’s daughter.

Here’s a photo of Gemma Owen from tonight’s episode.


16:53 , Jacob Stolworthy

The new contestants might all seem like unknowns at the moment, but you’re going to be saying their names all summer.

Meet them here:

Meet the contestants for Love Island 2022

16:10 , Jacob Stolworthy

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wanting to know all the key details about what to expect from this year’s series.

Fortubately, then, we have the below ready for your perusal.

What time does Love Island begin tonight?

15:09 , Jacob Stolworthy

Hello, and welcome to our blog for the launch of Love Island – words that, depending on your stance, will either make you jump for joy or groan in disappointment)

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