Love Island 2023 couple gets unwanted competition win

Tonight’s (March 3) episode of Love Island saw the couples taking part in a little ranking competition, and some couples definitely weren’t happy about where they ranked.

The episode featured all the couples taking part in a contest where they had to guess which couples rank in the top three of each category. These rankings were decided by the public. And if the Islanders got enough guesses right, they would earn themselves a party.

There were many categories like the top 3 hottest couples (Kai and Sanam, Tom and Samie, Ron and Lana) and top 3 horniest couples (Will and Jessie, Tom and Samie, Shaq and Tanya).

love island 2023

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There were also some eyebrow-raising categories like couples most likely to have their heads turned after getting out of the villa (Shaq and Tanya, Ron and Lana, Casey and Rosie) and top 3 couples with the least sexual chemistry (Will and Jessie, Casey and Rosie, Ron and Lana).

But what caused the most controversy was when it came time to rank the top 3 couples who were the biggest game-players out of all.

None of the Islanders wanted to put themselves forward because that would make it seem like they were only in the villa to manipulate the others.

Will and Jessie, Casey and Rosie and Shaq and Tanya were the couples who were chosen to stand up on the podium while the rankings were read out.

lana and ron , love island 2023

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Jessie, however, couldn’t help but comment how Claudia hadn’t even been gone for two days and Casey was behaving as if she was never here. She was also not happy to be up there on the podium.

When the rankings were finally announced, however, it was Ron and Lana who came third, and both of them weren’t pleased about it.

“That was sore, I can’t lie,” said Lana, while Ron said he had "f**k all" to say about it.

Then, at number two, came Shaq and Tanya, and number ones were Casey and Rosie, who took it in stride, realising that it was just a game.

With a mostly uneventful night tonight, it is only a matter of time until something explosive happens once again to shake things up. All we have to do is wait.

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Love Island airs nightly on ITV2, and is available via catch up on ITVX and BritBox.

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