Love Island 2023's Islanders break silence on being dumped after Casa Amor

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Love Island stars on being dumped after Casa AmorITV

Love Island 2023’s Islanders have opened up about being dumped after a very eventful Casa Amor.

Cynthia, who had quite a connection with Casey during Casa Amor but ended up not getting picked, talked about what her mindset was at the time of recoupling.

“I knew I had a 50/50 chance because we’d both [myself and Claudia] had the same amount of time with him [Casey]. I feel as though me and him got along a lot better than him and Claudia and I did believe I was going to get picked,” she said.

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“When he said he was going to stick, the other girls did gasp a little bit. That is a telltale sign that they thought I was probably going to get picked as well. I did get a little bit emotional because I was in shock. I definitely thought I was going to get picked,” she added.

Lydia was in a similar situation as Cynthia, saying she also felt she had a 50% chance of it going her way with Tom.

“For me it was very 50/50, it could have gone either way. There wasn’t any indication at all that Tom was saying he and Samie had something really good, or that they were really strong. Any comment like that would have made me think, ‘Right OK, it could definitely be Samie.’ So I definitely was surprised. At the same time, I obviously understood. But it wasn’t nice to hear,” she said.

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Layla, who had kissed Will during Casa Amor, spoke about how his guilt over Jessie overtook his feelings after a point; “Will’s guilt took over, I don’t think it was anything to do with mine and his connection, he just felt too guilty. You don’t kiss somebody if you’re into someone else. We got on, there was something there.”

Meanwhile, the boys, Ryan, Frankie, Kain and Bayley, all felt relatively OK with the way the Casa Amor results went because they all had a feeling that they didn’t really have a spark or a connection with the girls.

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