Love Island airs aftermath of Tanya's speech to Shaq

Love Island spoilers follow.

Love Island has revealed the aftermath of Tanya's speech declaring her love for Shaq after bringing back Martin from Casa Amor.

During Monday's episode, Tanya had secretly kissed Shaq before telling Martin that the spark between them had gone. She later stood up in front of the entire villa, including Martin, and confessed her love for Shaq.

On tonight's (February 21) episode, Tanya and Shaq were looking loved-up, with her telling him: "I’m so sorry it took someone else coming in for me to fully realise that I can’t lose you."

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However, Martin was left feeling embarrassed by Tanya's public declaration, which had blindsided him. He told Olivia and Maxwell: "I look like an idiot in front of everyone."

Martin then confronted Tanya, asking if he could speak to her alone. He accused Tanya of being insincere and a "liar". Tanya defended herself, saying she wasn't a liar and that she didn't have the chance to tell Martin about her kiss with Shaq.

Later on in the episode, things got even more awkward when Martin and Tanya were paired together for the Knowing Me, Knowing You challenge.

tanya, martin, love island 2023

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On Twitter, fans were divided over the drama between Martin and Tanya.

One viewer tweeted: "Tanya handled that very well, she said what she said and apologized to Martin, now let's move on." Another added: "I'm sorry but Tanya went about that all wrong, she should [have] told Martin she kissed Shaq yesterday morning when he made her breakfast, end of."

A third fan tweeted: "Martin didn’t make any effort with Tanya is the villa, he’s suppose to distract her from Shaq this is love island play the game."

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But if you thought this episode was dramatic, get ready for what's coming next. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that the next time we're in the villa, it'll be Movie Night.

Movie Night is when the Islanders get to see all the conversations and stolen kisses they thought were private — so any Casa Amor secrets probably won't stay hidden for long.

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2, and is available via catch up on ITVX and BritBox.

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