Love Island's Amber, Anna and Yewande: Is it ever ok to date your best friend's ex?

Love Island’s Amber Gill, Anna Vakili and Yewande Biala are back together on Yahoo UK’s podcast Reality Check and no topic is off limits.

Reflecting on their time on the cult TV show, the girls use their unique life experiences and strong brand of female friendship to answer listener dilemmas on a range of topics - and this week they’re tackling ‘girl code’.

One listener question proves especially controversial; is it ever ok to date your best friend’s ex, or even just be friends with them?

Referencing her time on the reality show, Anna, 29, said: “Obviously I’m friends with Michael, but do you know why it’s different? When I walked into the villa Michael was the first guy I was cuddled up with, I was friends with him, and then I was convincing people to get with him. I was friends with Michael before.”

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Anna Vakili and Amber Gill (Photo: Ricky Vigil/Getty Images for Boohoo)
Anna Vakili and Amber Gill (Photo: Ricky Vigil/Getty Images for Boohoo)

She added: “I mean I was closer to Amber than Michael, but he was one of my first guy friends and was there for me, it was hard to let that go.”

So can you be friends with your best mate’s ex? The short answer is, if you’re friends before the relationship, it’s fine. But’s a bit weird.

The girls then asked whether dating your best friend’s ex is a breach of the girl code - the unwritten and often unspoken set of rules/ethics that exist between a girl and her best friends.

This time, the response was unanimous.

Anna exclaimed: “That’s an absolute no. Why would you want to even do that?”

Love Island winner Amber, 22, interjected: “You just can’t do that!”

The girls joked “what if the ex was Drake!”

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 18: (Embargoed until 09:00 on 2nd Dec 2019) (L-R) Yewande Biala, Anna Vakili and Amber Rose Gill during the "Reality Check" podcast photocall at MidCity Place on November 18, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Milly Grange-Bennett/Getty Images for Yahoo)
Yewande Biala, Anna Vakili and Amber Rose Gill talk girl code and best guy mates in the latest episode of Reality Check (Photo by Milly Grange-Bennett/Getty Images for Yahoo)

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“I don’t care who the hell it is,” said Amber.

Scientist Yewande, 25, then asked: “What if your friend is actually ok with you dating her ex? I know none of my friends would be. Personally, I wouldn’t do it. But whatever makes you happy and as long as no one is getting hurt, that’s the main thing.”

Amber interjected: “I’m trying to not even date people I already know, never mind my friends!”

“But there are people out there who genuinely don’t care”, Yewande added,

So there you have it. Sometimes the girl code isn’t clear cut, but the Love Island trio will tackle every dilema with honesty, openness and no judgement involved.

In the rest of the episode the girls respond to listener questions exploring one-sided friendships, feeling insecure and competitive in relation to your female friends, and what to do if your friend’s partner makes a move on you, and much more.

You can listen to the full first episode of Reality Check on Spotify and iTunes, and follow the Reality Check Instagram for all the latest news and updates.

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