Love Island break in: Youtuber livestreams his attempt to get in to villa

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Love Island break in: Youtuber livestreams his attempt to get in to villa (ITV)
Love Island break in: Youtuber livestreams his attempt to get in to villa (ITV)

A prankster has filmed himself trying to evade security and break into the Love Islandvilla.

Youtuber Omer Majid live-streamed himself in a chat with mates crawling through the villa and getting into the garden with its iconic outdoor fairy lights.

In blurry footage, he is confronted by security at the Majorcan property who shout “you’re trespassing” before the joker was dragged out of the mansion in Spain.

A Love Island spokesperson said: “Last night a security breach was identified and an intruder was removed from the Villa with immediate effect. The safety of both our islanders and our production crew remains our primary concern.

“As part of our stringent COVID safety measures, the Villa area that was trespassed has been fully deep cleaned before being made accessible again to the islanders and crew.”

Speaking to the Daily Star, the prankster said he jetted out to the island with the sole mission to gain access.

Omer revealed: “I planned it for a while. I literally flew here just to do that from the UK.

“I found the area vicinity through internet searches. Then I drove around for about five hours the day before scouting the location trying to find an entry.”

He added: “It was really secure to be honest. They had people patrolling all the time and watch towers.”

The area of the house had to be deep cleaned before islanders were allowed to use it again, under the programme’s strict Covid guidelines.

It is understood the intruder did not come into contact with any of the contestants on the show.

On Tuesday night’s episode a row erupted in the villa after Hugo Hammond angered a number of the islanders after revealing his biggest turn-off is “fake” personalities and looks.

The 24-year-old PE teacher was forced to apologise to civil servant Sharon Gaffka, 25, and lettings manager Faye Winter, 26, who both said they have had cosmetic procedures done after they criticised him for his remark.

Tuesday’s episode also saw bombshells Millie Court and Lucinda Strafford enter the villa.

The pair arrived after the girls had been taken out and treated to a brunch.

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2 and the ITV Hub.

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