Love Island couple Ellie and Charlie are victims of surprise dumping after lack of chemistry is obvious to everyone apart from them

Jennifer ruby
All over: Ellie and Charlie have been dumped: ITV2

Ellie and Charlie have been unceremoniously dumped from Love Island in a surprise eviction that left no one shocked apart from them.

After showing all the chemistry of two cousins on a school trip to the Brecon Beacons, the genetically-blessed pair said their goodbyes during Sunday night’s episode after voters were asked to pick their favourite couple to stay.

After cutting over everything he said for the last two weeks and seeming generally exasperated every time he said “hi” (we feel this might have changed since she learnt his dad is worth £400m), it was no surprise to anyone when Caroline Flack announced that they were the next couple to be dumped.

We got a little hint that all was not well earlier in the episode when Ellie refused to apologise for their argument, with them both agreeing to brush everything under the carpet, which is obviously always the answer to every relationship problem.

End of the road: Charlie and Ellie are out of the villa (ITV2)

“I just want to draw a line under this. It is so small and I hate waking up in the morning like this,” Charlie told her.

“Me too. Some things are best laughed off,” said Ellie, unaware that she’d be laughing her way straight out of the villa.

And while things might seem a bit too stable and loved up in the villa at the moment, producers teased the arrival of four new ‘bombshells’ at the end of the episode.

While we know that the arrival of Jennifer Lawrence and Ryan Gosling couldn’t break up Dani and Jack, we’re not so certain that some of the other couples will withstand such temptation. We’re looking at you, Jack and Laura.

Earlier in the episode, producers tried their best to cause more trouble in paradise by setting a viewer-voted-for poll on who were the best and worse couples.

After being in the top three least loyal couples, Georgia predictably kicked off, telling Sam: “I don’t understand why I was not in the loyal one when I’ve been loyal the whole time I’ve been in here… How am I not loyal?”

Erm, you might want to ask Laura, Georgia.