Love Island fans call for Dr Alex to be ‘binned’ over treatment of Alexandra

Safeeyah Kazi
Not Impressed: Viewers hailed it time over for Alex: ITV

Love Island fans have called for Dr Alex to be “binned” over his treatment of partner Alexandra.

After another dramatic evening, which saw Dr Love go from national hero to automatic zero, viewers have quickly withdrawn their sympathy for him as he officially earned his membership to the muggy club.

Despite being left fuming when Ellie ditched him for new boy Charlie, he’s only gone and done the same thing to the only woman that’s expressed a genuine, non-game-playing interest in him and viewers aren’t having it - neither is Dani.

Taking to social media fans declared his time on the show was “over.”

One fan wrote: “Dr Alex. Get in the bin. You're done now. Sympathy card has gone. You don’t deserve Alexandra. #loveisland.”

Another posted: “Dr Alex can get away in to the bin #LoveIsland #NoMoreMisterNiceGuy.”

Power: Alexandra Cane decided the fate of three Love Island residents (ITV)

A third commented: “So glad Dr Alex Is finally showing himself up as the condescending fool I always thought he was. Hope he ends up with no-one after having the audacity to try and bin Alexandra #heshouldbesolucky #loveisland #punching.”

Meanwhile others added: “Someone put dr Alex in the bin already he was punching above and beyond with Alexandra.”

“Dr Alex needs to be chucked IN THE BIN!! This is what happens when you give sauceless guys a chance!! Look at how he's going to disgrace Alexandra, my lord #loveisland.”

Wednesday night’s show saw Dani erupt at Alex over his behaviour, forcing her to eventually get up and walk away over the drama.

Discussing her frustration over the incident in the Beach Hut, she said: “Alexandra has come in here, she really worked hard for Alex, she was all over him and he was all over her, they were completely fine.

“But a new girl’s come in with a surf board and you want to jump on it and mug someone off. He’s had a few options, he’s taken the route that some of the other boys have done and he hasn’t acted like a gentleman at all.”