Love Island fans can't get enough of Tom's tap-dancing lesson

Love Island: Unseen Bits aired an unexpectedly cute dance lesson for Tom Clare tonight (March 4).

While the rest of this year's Islanders soaked up the South African sun, the Yorkshire lad and his partner Samie Elishi took to the decking together, where she introduced him to the discipline of tap-dancing.

As this scene played out, it became clear that Tom didn't want to muck around and had every intention of nailing it. In the end, Samie even joked inside the Beach Hut that we may have the next Billy Elliott on our hands.

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As Tom busted out some tap on screen, the world of Twitter seemed totally charmed by his efforts.

"Samie teaching tom how to tap dance was actually the cutest thing i've ever seen #LoveIsland," tweeted one viewer, while two more reactions read: "Loving this scene of Samie teaching Tom tapdancing #loveisland," and "Tom having a Troy Bolton moment #LoveIsland".

"I don't think Tom will be getting a call from Strictly after the show lmao. #UnseenBits #LoveIsland," joked a fourth person.

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Elsewhere, catching up with Digital Spy for an exclusive post-villa chat, star Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown revealed that Tom almost made her cry before the popping-off challenge.

"Tom actually came at me a little bit, and was accusing me of things that weren't true," she claimed. "It was all hearsay and gossip and opinions, and he took them as a fact.

"For example, he thought that I was talking to Shaq in the beginning just to make him jealous and apparently Aaron told him, 'Oh, I think Zara fancies me'. Never made that clear to him. I was literally just being nice to the boy and maybe he took my niceness as flirting but that's not true.

"And everything I said that, you know, wasn't true, and I really liked Tom, he just wasn't hearing it, and yeah, he basically almost made me cry and then the challenge started. So, if people knew that we went into that challenge on rocky terms, I think the way that the challenge played out would have made more sense," Zara went on to highlight.

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2, and is available via catch up on ITVX and BritBox.

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