Love Island fans confused by mysterious ‘scratching sound’ in background of latest episode

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Love Island viewers were left scratching their heads after a mysterious scratching sound was picked up on the microphone during Thursday’s (16 June) episode.

Roughly halfway through the episode, viewers shared their confusion on social media, with many offering guesses about the possible source of the sound.

Among the suggested causes of the noise were a nail being filed, an insect of some kind, or a technical issue from the filming crew.

“Why does it sound like Ian is filing his nails over the mic?” one viewer asked. “What IS that sound?!”

“Who tf is filling their nails near the microphone?!? What is that sound?” another confused viewer asked.

“Thought my laptop was malfunctioning when i heard that sound,” one person claimed.

“Whichever SOUND producer that was scraping a fork against a chalkboard – ask for forgiveness,” another person wrote.

Some of the comments posted about the mysterious noise on ‘Love Island' (ITV)
Some of the comments posted about the mysterious noise on ‘Love Island' (ITV)

“Apparently the sound man thinks it’s okay to sharpen his kitchen knives on site,” someone else quipped.

Elsewhere on the episode, Ekin-Su left viewers in hysterics after crawling around on the floor to disguise a secret tryst with Jay.

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2 everyday except Saturdays. Episodes are then available to watch on BritBox and ITV Hub.

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