Love Island UK fans praise Uma after 'overwhelming' Film Festival episode

 Uma Jammeh from Love Island uk 2024.
Credit: ITV Studios

Love Island fans are praising one contestant for their selfless approach on the ITV dating game show, calling islander Uma Jammeh a worthy winner of the show due to her mature approach to her fellow contestants. 

In the latest instalment of Love Island (which aired Sunday 7th July), things got heated in the villa after the annual Love Island Film Festival aired some controversial scenes.

Earlier in the week, Love Island contestant Mimii was left single after Ayo recoupled with a new contestant called Jessica. Viewers have noted how Mimii's friend Uma has gone above and beyond to build her up, despite having her own relationship issues with fellow islander Will.

'You're so strong Mimii, you're a strong girl… do you want to go inside?' wrote one fan on X (formerly Twitter), quoting Uma when Mimii appeared upset.

They continued, 'The way uma is hurting herself but she is always making sure to keep an eye on Mimii, complimenting her and not making her feel alone - I love them.'

While another said, 'Can we please let Uma, Mimi [Mimii] and Ciaran win together as a reward for putting up with this crazy bunch.'

While another wrote, 'Uma & Mimii are the best relationship to come from the show. there’s no competition.'

To which another replied, 'I know they will still be talking after the show unlike most of the couples.'

And a third said, 'They’re the endgame this season.'

While another said, '"You look like a Disney princess queen even when you cry" [quoting Uma] - Uma is that friend to Mimii we all need.'

And another said, 'Haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet but I need to know how we can make sure Uma and Mimii win?'

Meanwhile, another Love Island viewer wrote, 'Bring some bombshells in I beg, Uma, Mimii and Matlida need to find some new men.'

It's clear the public is very much rooting for Uma, particularly after her current partner Will has been accused of mistreating the contestant after sharing a kiss with a new Islander behind her back.

'Will lacks sooo much empathy - he does not like Uma,' another wrote.

'This episode is very overwhelming. I feel for Mimi and Uma,' wrote another, referring to the upsetting scenes from the Love Island Film Festival.

While another wrote, 'Lucy saying she dodged a bullet with will, I need Uma free.'

Tune in on Monday 8th July at 9 pm for the next instalment of Love Island UK.