Love Island fans scandalised as Coco’s NSFW admission causes Andrew and Tasha to split up

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Love Island viewers have been left scandalised by the latest twist in Tasha and Andrew’s relationship saga.

The duo had recoupled with other people during Thursday’s episode (7 July) of the hit reality series, following the shenanigans at casa amor.

Ahead of Friday’s instalment (8 July), Andrew had recoupled with Coco, while Tasha walked back into the villa with Billy.

However, in the latest episode, their relationship was still up in the air, as Andrew seemed to cool things with Coco and talk things through with Tasha. However, tensions still remained, and the pair were seen feuding over the extent of Andrew’s dalliances with Coco.

“I’ve never felt like we’re together in this situation, because you’ve got to know every single guy that walks through the door,” he told Tasha.

Tasha replied: “You keep playing the victim here! But you’ve been kissing her, doing whatever you’ve been doing in this Villa. You know, being in bed, kissing, canoodling, hugging.”

Later in the episode, Coco dropped a bombshell when she told a group of the boys that Andrew had “sucked on [her] t**s” when they got together in casa amor.

Andrew was then forced to reveal this to Tasha – which has seemingly put an end to their relationship for good.

Andrew and Coco (ITV)
Andrew and Coco (ITV)

Fans shared their reactions to the moment on social media.

“Sucking breast, then saying you will ruin her and calling her fake. Andrew is absolutely mad,” one person wrote. “Tasha is better than me bc the producers would have had to hold me back.”


“This t** sucking scandal may be the greatest piece of Love Island ever,” someone else claimed.

Love Island continues on ITV at 9pm on Sunday 10 July.

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