Love Island finale – live: Davide and Ekin-Su favourites to win as 2022 series draws to a close

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Ekin-Su and Davide on Love Island (ITV)
Ekin-Su and Davide on Love Island (ITV)

After eight weeks, plenty of grafting, lots of snogging – and even a little bit of crawling – the Love Island finale is now upon us.

Sunday night’s episode (31 July) saw Paige and Adam dumped from the villa ahead of the final after being voted least compatible by their fellow islanders and the public.

That means the last four couples who have survived a scorching couple of months in the Majorcan villa, and still have a chance to bag the £50,000 prize, are: Andrew and Tasha, Dami and Indiyah, Davide and Ekin-Su and Luca and Gemma.

As is Love Island tradition, each couple will read their loving declarations to each other before the winning duo is crowned.

The winners will be taking the throne from last year’s champions, Millie and Liam.

Davide and Ekin-Su are the bookies’ favourites to win this series. The pair’s best moments over the past couple of months have included Davide’s unconventional approach to the baby challenge, their brief separation when Ekin-Su crawled along the terrace for a covert kiss with Jay, and Davide choosing Ekin-Su’s banana pancakes as his favourite (take that Nathalia!).

Find out everything you need to know about how to vote here, and take a look back at the series highlights here.

We also have a ranking of every Love Island series here and a round-up of all the previous winners here.

Follow along with our live blog below for the latest updates on the finale...

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22:40 , Ellie Harrison

That’s it from me tonight! Closing the blog and having a much-needed glass of wine. Look out for talking points in the next few minutes...

22:33 , Ellie Harrison


22:30 , Ellie Harrison

Right, here we go, winner announcement is imminent. No more ad breaks...

22:28 , Ellie Harrison


22:24 , Ellie Harrison

Oh Luca, the supermarket is gonna be a very different experience from here on out

22:20 , Ellie Harrison

Ekin-Su’s face here is brilliant:

22:18 , Ellie Harrison

Pleeeeease make a show about Ekin-Su’s Italy trip

22:14 , Ellie Harrison

The winning couple of Love Island 2022 is.......................... Rebekah Vardy’s account............................................. (just kidding)

22:09 , Ellie Harrison

The winning couple will be crowned after the break... not long now!

22:08 , Ellie Harrison

Aw they were so chuffed with the parents of the year award

22:05 , Ellie Harrison

Dami: “I feel like it’s been a movie, or should I say TV show...”

22:04 , Ellie Harrison

The couple in third place is............... Indiyah and Dami!!!

22:03 , Ellie Harrison

Andrew says ‘I feel like I’ve won anyway’ because he gets to leave with Tasha

21:59 , Ellie Harrison

The couple in fourth place is Tasha and Andrew!!!!!

21:58 , Ellie Harrison

The results of the votes are innnnn

21:53 , Ellie Harrison

Voting is now closed! Fourth place couple will be announced after the break...

21:52 , Ellie Harrison

Ahaha Indiyah’s recorder moment was iconic. Let’s see that again...

21:48 , Ellie Harrison

Is “I licked her tit or whatever?” the quote of the series? Yes. Yes it is

21:44 , Ellie Harrison

The vote closes in eight minutes! Get those votes in...

How to vote for your favourite Love Island contestants

21:43 , Ellie Harrison


21:39 , Ellie Harrison

OK I’m a wreck

21:38 , Ellie Harrison

Tasha quoted her dad in her declaration to Andrew. Here’s some Tasha’s dad content...

Love Island viewers praise Tasha’s dad after ‘meet the parents’ episode

21:36 , Ellie Harrison

These speeches have been absolutely packed with similes and metaphors

21:33 , Ellie Harrison

Dami’s hands are shaking and it’s too much

21:31 , Ellie Harrison

Luca was very emotional there!

21:29 , Ellie Harrison

Wheyyy!! Banter’s already had its first mention in a Love Island declaration. Thanks Gemma

21:23 , Ellie Harrison


21:22 , Ellie Harrison

Tasha’s got a Bond girl thing going on

21:21 , Ellie Harrison

The girls look unreal. The boys look absolutely petrified

21:19 , Ellie Harrison

“We can go as cringey as we want with these, can’t we?” asks Ekin-Su, as the girls write their final declarations for the boys. Cannot wait to hear them

21:18 , Ellie Harrison

“Who needs men?” the girls ask themselves at their spa day. Hang on a minute, I thought this series was about all about finding a man to love

21:17 , Ellie Harrison

It must be so strange for the islanders having the villa full of people... who aren’t even wearing bikinis

21:15 , Ellie Harrison

If you just want to inhale more Love Island content in the ad break... here’s a first look at what’s to come tonight

21:13 , Ellie Harrison

Lots of people are tweeting their votes out already! Here’s how you can cast yours...

How to vote for your favourite Love Island contestants

21:11 , Ellie Harrison

Ekin-Su just did her best RP accent and now I’m certain a campaign is going to begin for an her to have a cameo in Bridgerton. I can see the memes already

21:09 , Ellie Harrison

The islanders are learning to do “spicy” Latin dancing and let’s just say some are taking to it more naturally than others

21:06 , Ellie Harrison

The islanders have got a text - they’ll be heading off to the Summer Ball tonight

21:06 , Ellie Harrison

It’s a champagne breakfast for the islanders on the final day... real life is going to be a shock

21:03 , Ellie Harrison

Aaaaand we’re off

With Davide and Ekin-Su the favourites to win...

20:59 , Ellie Harrison

... here’s some excellent Davide Dad content...

Love Island fans heap praise on Davide after his performance in the baby challenge

30-minute warning!

20:30 , Ellie Harrison

Just half an hour to go until the Love Island 2022 finale kicks off. Here’s a throwback to the biggest moments of the series to refresh your memory...

A look back over Love Island 2022’s best moments

The show is being criticised ahead of the finale

20:00 , Ellie Harrison

While there’s a lot of excitement for the finale, and many viewers will miss the series, many others have criticised Love Island bosses for an Aftersun montage that showed former contestant Danica being repeatedly rejected.

Read more here...

Love Island viewers criticise show for ‘embarrassing’ Danica with rejection montage

Davide and Ekin-Su are the favourites

19:30 , Ellie Harrison

Just 90 minutes now until the finale kicks off, and according to the bookies, Davide and Ekin-Su are odds-on to win, with William Hill placing the pair at 1/10. Andrew and Tasha are currently at 10/1, Luca and Gemma are at 12/1 and Dami and Indiyah are at 20/1...

Just two hours to go...

19:00 , Ellie Harrison

To celebrate the two-hour countdown, here is my favourite still from the series...

Davide and his crisp-carrying baby (ITV)
Davide and his crisp-carrying baby (ITV)

Something for the Ekin-Su fans...

18:30 , Ellie Harrison

Our deputy travel editor Lucy Thackray reckons Ekin-Su is the best contestant to have ever graced the Majorcan villa.

Find out why below...

Why Ekin-Su is the greatest Love Island contestant of all time

Meet the final four couples

17:59 , Ellie Harrison

With Adam and Paige booted out of the villa, there are just four couples left in the competition: Luca and Gemma, Dami and Indiyah, Ekin-Su and Davide, and Andrew and Tasha.

Read more about them here...

Meet the final couples competing to win Love Island 2022

The day of the final is here at last

17:37 , Ellie Harrison

Love Island 2022 is drawing to a close, meaning we can all get our lives back!

To get us in the mood – and up to date – ahead of the finale, here’s a look at what went down on Sunday night’s episode, which saw the contestants reunite with their loved ones.

Tasha’s dad went down especially well with viewers...

Love Island viewers praise Tasha’s dad after ‘meet the parents’ episode

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