Love Island’s Laura Anderson apologises for looking like Olivia Attwood after fan backlash

Emma Powell
Spot the difference; Olivia Attwood and Laura Anderson

Love Island finalist Laura Anderson has hit back at claims she is copying former contestant Olivia Attwood after she posted a near identical bedroom snap.

Anderson came under fire when she debuted on the show with many accusing her of copying Attwood’s hair and sense of style.

She faced the same backlash on Tuesday night after she posted a picture of herself posing with a high ponytail while wearing black rimmed glasses and a pink outfit.

Fans were quick to highlight the similarities between a previous Instagram from Attwood in which she was also sat on a bed and sporting a high ponytail, black rimmed glasses and pink clothing.

One user commented: “Starting to look like Olivia. Please be yourself.”

Another user tagged Attwood, asking: “Is this you?! So alike.”

A third confused fan wrote: “Olivia? Is that you?”


Anderson apologised for looking similar, saying she takes the comparisons as a “compliment”.

“I’m sorry if you all feel I look like Olivia #icanthelpmyspectacles or hair or whatever it is that resembles the beauty,” she wrote. “Thanks for the compliment. I’m 100% myself and always have been.”

Doppelganger: Laura Anderson gets compared to Laura Anderson (Getty Images)

Fans were quick to defend Anderson, who is dating fellow Islander Paul Knops, telling her she looks “like yourself gorgeous as ever”.

Another wrote: “Never apologise for other people’s opinions. If you know You are doing you that’s all that matters.”

A third wrote: “Don't think you look anything like her. I only see you for you.. Beautiful.”

Attwood addressed the comparisons on This Morning, saying she was “flattered”.

She said: “It was unfortunate she went in in the exact same outfit I did and stood in the exact same space as me. It was unfortunate how many looks were similar in the first 24 hours. I like her. She’s like a big sister.”