Love Island loses loyal Georgia and Sam after they choose to walk away from the villa rather than recouple

Natasha Sporn
Exit: Georgia Steel and Sam Bird dumped themselves from the villa by staying loyal to each other: ITV

Yes, it’s true. Georgia and Sam have left the Love Island villa to ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after, loyal to a fairytale ending.

Or something like that, anyway.

Heavily rumoured for the past 24 hours but still a shock anyway, Georgia and Sam chose to utilise the loophole in their “you can’t recouple with each other” rule and walk away from the villa together for good.

When the 20-year-old “loyal babe” and Sam found themselves shunned by both the public and their fellow islanders earlier in the week, the two chose to split up and stay in the villa rather than go home as a couple.

But the pair - who do seem to have a genuine connection - kept finding their way back to each other, kissing and cuddling on the sofa, in the bathroom…just about everywhere. So when the inevitable “recoupling imminent” text came, they were thrown into a spin.

Both agreed they would be “heartbroken” if they saw the other in bed with another person (you know how this show works, right?) so after an annoyingly eked out process, they both said ta-ra to the villa and headed for the outdoors.

Heart to heart: Sam Bird and Georgia Steel spoke at length about the upcoming recoupling before making their decision (ITV)

Obviously, nobody knows if it will last between them - they’ll be on Aftersun on Sunday so we’ll find out more - but it’s nice to see something happen on the show that doesn’t seem engineered, for once.

And, we can't run from it....the move means Georgia is, well, loyal.

Meanwhile, old Josh chose to stay with girlfriend Kaz, Wes went with girlfriend Megan, original Jack with girlfriend Dani. New Jack went with new Laura. Paul went for original Laura.

Devastated: Georgia Steel became emotional at the thought of being in a couple with somebody else (ITV)

Dr Alex went with Alexandra, saying that he ended it prematurely (nothing to do with the fact Paul picked Laura) and this left new Josh with Stephanie.

Elsewhere during Thursday’s episode, new girl Stephanie - whose biggest claim to fame in the villa so far is not being new Laura - sobbed in the Beach Hut after finding out new Jack kissed aforementioned Laura on a daybed.

The lad then suffered from a serious case of foot-in-mouth as he delivered the crushing line: “If I had wanted to pull you first, I would have,” guaranteed to make a girl feel better.

Scottish Laura, you had a lucky escape.

Busy: Dr Alex's party skills caused a stir online (ITV)

Also, just while we are here, a note about Dr Alex. Forget the fact he’s a walking lobster tribute, we need to talk about some other stuff. First off, we got another glimpse of the medic partying, leaving viewers in hysterics, coupled with an atrocious pink patterned shirt.

If the non-speaking parts weren’t bad enough, the dialogue added to the infuriating image. Having sacked off Alexandra a few days ago to go after new Laura, he’s decided just before the recoupling that maybe he should give Alexandra a shot, despite her “being more into him than he is her”.

Even the official Twitter account wasn't having it.

Yes Love Island is a reality show, heck…it’s a gameshow really. But the game is to couple up and win. Not to make the public find one hundred reasons to never want to see you again. Dr Alex, I’m afraid you may just be at 90.

And there is just over a week to go.

Love Island continues Friday at 9pm on ITV2.