Love Island: Luca confronts Andrew for ‘snaking’ him with lie about Tasha

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Love Island is only a few episodes in and already viewers have been treated to their first bit of drama.

On Wednesday night’s (8 June) episode of the hit ITV2 reality dating show, Luca confronted Andrew about “snaking” him and undermining his chances with Tasha.

Andrew is currently coupled up with Tasha, with Luca paired with Paige. The latter have emerged as early favourites on the series, with many viewers calling the duo “winner material”.

Tasha told Luca that Andrew informed her that she was not in Luca’s “top three” choice of girls in the villa, to which Luca took offence and assured Tasha that she was.

Speaking to Paige later in the episode, Luca said that he wanted to have a chat with Andrew about lying in an apparent bid to dash Luca’s chances with Tasha.

Luca told Paige that Andrew had “snaked” him.

When Luca confronted Andrew about his comments at the evening’s party, he said: “If you were my mate outside I’d be absolutely fuming… You might have felt threatened...”

Luca went on: “I’d never ever dog a boy out to get a girl.”

Paige and Luca on ‘Love Island’ (ITV)
Paige and Luca on ‘Love Island’ (ITV)

Andrew apologised, stating: “Completely from the bottom of my heart I say I’m sorry. I wasn’t even thinking straight. Honest, swear to God.”

Speaking to the camera alone, he added: “It was an honest mistake. I would never want to jeopardise anyone’s chances with any other girl. Especially my mates, I’d never do that ever – on purpose.”

Luca told Andrew that he was happy to “move on”, forget the incident and “get back to where we were”.


Andrew concluded: “I want our friendship to go on, because I care about that more than anything.”

Tasha later cleared the air with Andrew, but told him that she wanted to slow down their relationship.

Elsewhere on the episode, Gemma and Davide went on their first date. Their coupling-up has raised eyebrows among viewers who have criticised the eight-year age gap as “mad” given that Gemma is 19 and Davide is 27.

The two new bombshells – Ekin-Su and Afia – will enter the villa on Wednesday night’s episode.

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