Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague: I worry about young girls getting cosmetic treatments

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 (Cosmopolitan UK/ Rachell Smith)
(Cosmopolitan UK/ Rachell Smith)

Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague has said it “scares her” that young girls resort to cosmetic treatments - adding she worries for her future children about how they will cope with the pressure to look good.

The 22-year-old reality television star, who recently made headlines for spending almost £6,000 removing fillers she had in her face, said she worries about how young girls are when they consider altering their appearance.

The reality star also spoke about how insecurities lead her to have cosmetic treatments - adding said she decided to remove her fillers after not recognising herself in the mirror.

On the impact so-called “tweakments” can have on younger generations, Hague said in the latest edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine: “We need to stop normalising filler, with things like ‘Kylie Jenner [surgery] packages.’

“I was 17 when I first got my lips done, and it scares me to think that if I have a daughter in 10 years’ time, what it might be like for her. I sometimes forget how young my followers are, too. I’m often surprised by the fact some of the girls in my DMs even have a phone.”

 (Rachell Smith/Cosmopolitan)
(Rachell Smith/Cosmopolitan)

On deciding to remove her fillers, she added: “I was doing a club appearance and took a selfie. I remember staring at it and thinking, ‘I don’t know what I’ve done to my face.’ I went from looking like a teenager to someone on [extreme plastic surgery show] Botched. I’ve never thought of myself as insecure, but I must have been to do that.”

Hague, who has 5.5 million Instagram followers, said despite the pressures of being an Instagram star: “I never wanted an ordinary life, and the one I’m living now is every girl’s dream.”

The star, who is reportedly a millionaire thanks to a number of fashion and beauty partnerships, said she wasn’t worried about her profile fading over time.

“I don’t, because I’ve worked really hard to protect myself from that. I’m able to look after my family now, and I bought my sister a car last Christmas.”

Hague, who is originally from Hertfordshire, shot to fame on the 2019 edition of Love Island - where she met boxer Tommy Fury.

She said about Fury: “I do believe we’re soulmates. My parents love him. We’re cringey and mushy, and I like it like that. We know we’re going to be together forever. People speculate that we break up all the time – if Tommy doesn’t like one of my pictures on Instagram, I get DMs asking about it. But we’re so content, like two peas in a pod.”

 (Rachell Smith/Cosmopolitan)
(Rachell Smith/Cosmopolitan)

Hague said the pair live a simple life.

“My dream evening is watching Harry Potter with Tommy. I’m not fazed by socialising and clubbing or going on girls’ holidays, and I don’t really drink alcohol. We go for walks and eat at TGI Fridays. We don’t try to be boujee.”

In the past, Love Island has been criticised for an apparent lack of aftercare and support for its stars following three high-profile deaths of people associated with the show.

Contestant Mike Thalassitis died in 2019 a year after Sarah Gradon took her own life. Former host Caroline Flack died in February 2020.

But Hague said she felt supported when leaving the show. Speaking about the aftershow care, she said: “[It was] second to none … I think they’ve really stepped up their game, to the point where Tommy and I joked that they contacted us too much. The welfare team couldn’t have done more for me. They offer counselling if you need it, and I can imagine they’ll improve even more for the next season.”

The July / August issue of Cosmopolitan is on sale from June 10.

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