Love Island producers to review ITV show following thousands of complaints

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ITV bosses have revealed that they’re set to review the success of Love Island once the show comes to an end on Monday.

Kevin Lygo, the Managing Director of ITV Studios, has confirmed that the producers will come together to review the reactions to the show after the explosive series concludes.

Speaking to Variety during an earnings call, Lygo suggested that they’ll be putting a lot of thought into the future of the show as well as the reception to this year’s antics.

“We continually assess the program as it’s going on, because it’s one of these odd, every night live shows,” he said.

“But when the series comes to an end, on Monday, we will always sit down and review what we think about it, what the reaction’s been, how well it’s done,” Lygo added.


Lygo admitted that the producers are constantly working to improve on the show, however seemed happy with the current direction.

He went on: “It’s the best one we’ve had in many years. And I think everyone’s thoroughly enjoying it. To get five million people to watch your show every single night at nine o’clock is extraordinary in the modern era. So something’s being done right. But… we must always look to improve and work on what we’ve done. But we’re very happy with the way it’s gone so far.”

The remarks came shortly after it was revealed that ITV had seen external revenue shoot up by 8 per cent in their half-year financial results.

At the same time, Love Island 2022 has not been without controversy and it was recently revealed that there has been more than 2,000 Ofcom complaints over “bullying” during episodes.


A spokesperson for Ofcom said at the time: “On July 19 the majority of complaints were about alleged misogynistic behaviour from the male islanders towards the female islanders, including in the aftermath of the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge.

“On July 18 the majority of complaints were about alleged misogynistic and bullying behaviour of contestants.”

In total, this year’s Love Island season has amassed more than 5,000 Ofcom complaints.

This, however, pales in comparison to some of the most controversial moments in Love Island history. In 2021, the series was hit with a staggering 24,000 Ofcom complaints after Faye Winter erupted at Teddy Soare - making it the most complained about moment of the show.

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