Love Island spoilers: Luca calls out Gemma after ‘flirty’ conversation with Billy

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In tonight’s episode ofLove Island(17 July), there’s trouble in paradise for Gemma and Luca.

The pair may have recently declared their love for each other, but Movie Night seems to be threatening to get in the way of that.

Movie Night, a favourite among viewers every year, sees the contestants watch clips of their partners’ behaviour away from them in the villa.

During a clip entitled “Good Bill Hunting” in the forthcoming episode, Luca sees Billy and Gemma chatting in the villa.

Later that evening, after the films have aired, Luca pulls Gemma for a chat and accuses her of “entertaining it”, to which Gemma replies: “No I wasn’t.”

Luca calls Billy over to the fire pit to join them and asks: “Did you feel like she was flirting with you?” Billy replies: “Yeah, it was just flirty banter.”

Gemma interjects: “Did we have a flirty chat? Yes.”

Luca replies: “But just a minute ago you said you didn’t have a flirty chat, you literally said, ‘I wasn’t flirting.’”

Gemma Owen on ‘Love Island’ (ITV)
Gemma Owen on ‘Love Island’ (ITV)

Gemma says: “I don’t think any lines have been crossed.”

During the 14 July episode, Luca and Gemma told each other they loved each other – but many viewers thought Gemma looked “unsure” as she said it.

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2, except Saturdays.

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