Love Island star Demi Jones diagnosed with thyroid cancer

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Former Love Island contestant Demi Jones has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

The reality TV personality, who is in her early 20s, announced the news to fans via a post on Instagram Stories on Thursday.

Jones, who came to prominence on the 2020 series of the ITV show, wrote: “Hi guys, I got my results today and unfortunately I have thyroid cancer. The tumour has been removed but I’m now due to have more surgery to remove the rest of my thyroid.

“I’m staying very positive and I’m a strong girl so I’ll be fine, thank you for your love and support always. I’ll bounce back stronger.”

TRIC Awards 2020 – London
Demi Jones appeared in the 2020 series of Love Island (Ian West/PA)

Jones has been updating her followers on Instagram since discovering a lump in her neck in early April.

She was admitted to hospital where she had the “potentially cancerous” lump removed and has been awaiting the results of further tests.

Jones entered the villa on day 16 of Love Island 2020 and made it to the final, placing third alongside Luke Mabbott, who she had partnered up with on the show. They have since split.

Thyroid cancer is a rare type of cancer that affects the thyroid gland, a small gland at the base of the neck that produces hormones.

It is most common in people aged in their 30s and women are two to three times more likely to develop it than men, according to the NHS.

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