Love Island viewers divided over Harriett and Ronnie feud

Love Island spoilers follow.

Love Island viewers were divided online after Harriett and Ronnie's argument this evening.

Tonight's (June 21) episode aired the aftermath of the dares game, which saw Ronnie declaring he was a changed man for his new partner Tiffany.

Ronnie's ex-partners Jess and Harriett were discussing the game with Uma and new bombshell Matilda.

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"The way he was behaving and not kissing people, that to me was putting a front to everyone, like trying too hard," said Harriett, before raising her voice to add: "Babe, he's literally acting!"

Overhearing their conversation, Ronnie questioned who they were talking about, but Harriett brushed him off, saying it was none of his business.

The official Love Island account on X/Twitter joked about the confrontation, with a post captioned: "Two things we've learnt: 1) Sound travels in the Villa 2) Don't call Ronnie an actor".

But fans were divided on who was in the right and how they felt about the lingering tension.

"Is Harriet being petty and acting like a year 9? Yes. But am I completely loving it? Absolutely. #loveisland", said one amused fan on X.

Though another X user highlighted: "Ronnie has moved on and all of Harriet's conversations are still about him #loveIsland".

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One fan was concerned about the real issue, noticing: "harriet is seriously struggling to get over ronnie it's upsetting to see #loveIsland"

Meanwhile, some fans remained neutral about the argument, with one writing: "I like Harriet's arc, but both her and Ronnie were so childish in that situation... #LoveIsland".

Later, Harriett asked Ronnie for a chat to clear the air, but he refused. Again, viewers were conflicted over who was correct, with some believing there is nothing left for the two to discuss.

The episode ended with a teaser for Sunday night's episode, which will see host Maya Jama return to share the results of the public vote.

Will Ronnie and Harriett clear the air before one of them is potentially dumped from the Island?

Love Island airs on ITV2 and streams on ITVX.

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