Love Island viewers in hysterics as Indiyah calls Dami by Deji’s name for second consecutive episode

Love Island viewers were left in hysterics as Indiyah called Dami by Deji’s name for the second time in two episodes.

During Thursday (21 July) night’s episode, Indiyah and Dami were cuddling in bed when Indiyah called her partner Deji, the boy she brought back from Casa Amor.

Confiding in the girls, Indiyah said: “OK, I called him the wrong name… twice.”

While Dami told the boys, the female islanders suggested Indiyah made him breakfast as an apology. However, while making food for Dami, she ended up cooking for Deji too.

“You sure you’re looking for me?” Dami asked Indiyah. When she spelt out the letter “D” in his bacon, Dami then asked: “Which D is it for?”

In the beach hut, he explained: “I always say things in jest and in jokes, but sometimes things said in jokes are actually true.”

However, Love Island fans said that the moment was a sign that Indiyah should leave Dami and couple up with Deji.

Fans delighted as Indiyah called Dami the wrong name (Twitter)
Fans delighted as Indiyah called Dami the wrong name (Twitter)


“Indiyah again.. Deji is stuck in your head innit,” another tweet read.

“Now I’m convinced that Indiyah is calling Dami Deji on purpose. That’s my sister fr,” one fan joked.

“Not gonna lie I love that Indiyah keeps calling Dami Deji, it’s the energy he deserves after his behaviour towards Summer, Tasha and Ekin Su,” one post read.

It’s not the first time Indiyah has called Dami by Deji’s name. In the previous episode, she told her partner: “Deji, pour me-” before covering her mouth in shock.

Danica cracked up laughing, before telling Gemma: “She just called him Deji” while Dami looked unimpressed.

“It’s only as bad as you make it seem,” Indiyah rationalised, while Dami said: “I’ll be hurt for the next while.”

Love Island continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2.