Love Island viewers poke fun at Liam’s pronunciation of ‘Essex Education’

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Liam Llewellyn spent most of his third day in the Love Island villa in his doldrums.

Newly single after Davide Sanclimenti invited Gemma Owen to couple up on Tuesday (7 June), Liam was feeling mopey until he received two texts in the final minutes of Wednesday’s (8 June) episode.

The first text informed him that the public had voted for him to go on a date with Afia Tonkmor, one of the new bombshells whose arrival has been teased. The second text informed him that the public had voted for him to also go on a date with Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, the second bombshell being introduced.

Because Ekin-Su comes from Essex, the text message was hashtagged #essexeducation. Liam, however, read the text aloud as: “Es-Sex-Education.”

Detail-obsessed Love Island viewers immediately began posting to Twitter about the “adorable” blunder.

“The way Liam said ES SEX EDUCATION. I’m crying,” wrote one viewer.

“He is the true definition of bless your cotton socks,” wrote another.

Liam had no way of knowing Ekin-Su was from Essex, information that would have made the hashtag a little easier to pronounce.

“We must protect Liam at all costs," wrote another viewer.

“‘Ex sex education’ is the funniest thing that’s been said in love island so far,” wrote another.

Love Island viewers respond to Liam (Twitter)
Love Island viewers respond to Liam (Twitter)

Earlier this week, fans appreciated Liam’s confession that, for most of his life, he thought Elton John was two people: “Elt and John.”

His last minute mispronunciation was the highlight of an episode that was light on intrigue, save for a confrontation between Luca and Andrew.

“If you were my mate outside I’d be absolutely fuming,” Luca said after Andrew seemingly attempted to cause a rift between Luca and Tasha.

Love Island airs every night except Saturdays on ITV2.

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