Love Island viewers praise Kai and Sanam for staying drama-free

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Love Island: Kai and Sanam stayed drama freeITV

Love Island viewers praised the increasingly-popular Kai and Sanam for staying drama-free and focusing on themselves while the rest of the villa became embroiled in Ron-related woes.

During Sunday's episode, Ron initially confronted Shaq when it was suggested that Ron made Lana his girlfriend only after it was established everyone liked her. Ron denied this, saying he didn't want to "plant a seed in Lana's head."

Later, Ron had an interesting conversation around the fire pit with Kai, Sanam, Tom and Samie.

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"When I was a viewer, I thought, the ones who have their drama nice and early and then get comfy and treat it like a holiday, they’re the ones who are probably like, they just cruise," Ron said.

"I can see why people probably thought, 'Oh Lana and Ron are just cruising through.' I’m not bothered by any of that. As I know I’m not, otherwise I never would have made her my girlfriend, it means too much to me."

Kai and Sanam didn't make much of the comments and stayed silent after the conversation ended. However, Tom and Samie both interpreted what Ron said as strategy to win the show.

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Both Tom and Samie told the boys and girls, respectively, what Ron said.

"Last night, Ron basically came out and said his game plan. He said the couples who do well on Love Island are the ones that get all the drama out of the way at the start and then cruise at the end," Tom told the boys.

Shaq, in particular, was stunned by these comments and soon the entire villa was talking behind Ron's back accusing him of playing games and attempting to build up a strategy. Again, Kai and Sanam stayed out of it.

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Later, Lana found out about the spread of talk and informed Ron, telling her boyfriend she had his back.

"I’m not having people say that they think I’m playing a game," Ron said before bringing Lana over to Kai and Sanam to clarify what he said.

Ron was clearly furious at the issue and Kai and Sanam did their best to soothe him and talk him down from his anger. However, what viewers appreciated most about this incident is the fact that Kai and Sanam avoided all of the drama and kept entirely to themselves.

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"I just wanna point out we haven't seen any Kai/Sanam today because they're unproblematic icons," one user wrote, acknowledging their limited screen time was down to good behaviour.

Another user wrote: "Kai & Sanam deserved a better season. Imagine being around people who are constantly bitching and causing drama. It’s no surprise they’re always hidden away in a corner somewhere."

Meanwhile, another user said that Kai and Sanam's behaviour proved that no one in the villa are Ron and Lana's true friends apart from them.

In fact, some viewers were so full of admiration for Kai and Sanam's drama-free time in the villa that they believe they should win the entire show...

"#LoveIsland has shown us the true colours of every couple. The ONLY couple that isn’t being two-faced, sly, gossiping, or gameplaying is... Kai & Sanam. They’re ALWAYS worried about themselves. The should win."

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2, and is available via catch up on ITVX and BritBox.

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