Love Island viewers react as Rachel Finni falls headfirst into fence during ‘embarrassing’ challenge

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Rachel Finni stole the show on the latest episode of Love Island – for the wrong reasons.

Contestants were participating in a Line of Duty-inspired task called Line of Booty, which saw the girls have to “arrest” and “interrogate” one of the boys while dressed in a police uniform.

They started the task, which viewers lambasted as “embarrassing”, while stood on the top of a bus. From there, they had to reach the ground using a slide.

When Rachel’s time came to take part, she rid the slide and, when reaching the bottom, came speedily flying off falling headfirst into a fence.

Her fellow girls helped her to her feet, with Rachel taking the blunder in her stride.

Viewers naturally found the moment hilarious.

“Nah poor Rachel…that fall was brutal,” one person wrote, with another adding: “I got second hand embarrassment from Rachel’s fall.”

One other fan added: “Rachel flying face first into the railings made my night.”

Elsewhere, the ITV2 show’s fans expressed confusion after noticing the majority of the contestants wearing sunglasses – while lying in bed.

Love Island continues nightly on ITV2

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