Love Island viewers slam Joey Essex for lack of respect towards Gemma Collins in villa conversation

Recently, Love Island fans have been questioning Joey Essex regarding a comment he made about his past stint on The Only Way Is Essex to his fellow islanders.

Joey, aged 33, joined the villa earlier this month as part of the fresh series from ITV2, which premiered last week. This comes a decade after Joey's tenure on TOWIE, spanning from 2011 to 2013.

Conversation around TOWIE was sparked by 26-year-old islander Samantha Kenny, who is romantically linked with Joey, during Sunday evening's airing of the popular reality show. Nicole Samuel, 24, and Ciaran Davies, 21, who form another couple, also featured in the scene.

The group seemed to be referencing various TV show quotes, including an emphatic "Shut up! " from Samantha and Joey. Nicole chimed in: "We need to stop quoting TV."

It was identified they referenced TOWIE at some point during their conversation, reports the Mirror.

Samantha intimated about Joey, saying: "He's fuming. He hates it! " Upon being questioned by Nicole if he truly detested it, Joey replied: "I don't hate it but I don't even know what you're talking about."

Joey Essex in the Love Island villa.
Joey Essex, pictured in the villa, has spoken about the Only Way is Essex on Love Island -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Samantha mentioned an iconic scene from TOWIE which featured Joey, Gemma Collins, now 43, and her ex James 'Arg' Argent, 36. In the classic episode broadcast over a decade ago, Gemma stuns Arg in a bikini and famously tells him: "Take a good look at this! You ain't ever gonna get this candy."

In reference to this while in Love Island, Samantha quips in a group discussion on the recent episode: "Well, you know that you ain't ever getting this candy."

A confused Ciaran responds with: "What? ".

Joey reflected on the unforgettable TOWIE moment viewed as iconic by fans, explaining: "I was with my mate in the pool and then some girl walks out and says 'you ain't ever getting this candy'. Literally, probably about 11 and a half years ago."

Gemma Collins in pink at an event
He recently discussed a scene that had featured his former colleague Gemma Collins -Credit:Dave Benett/Getty Images for Warner Bros.

Ciaran observes, "Samantha, I can't lie - I feel like you know more about Joey than Joey knows about himself."

To which Joey jokes: "She's obviously been like researching me and everything."

Samantha fired back: "I was just a big TOWIE fan. Leave me alone!"

The scene sparked social media commentary on X, formerly known as Twitter, where some viewers believed Joey disrespected queen of reality TV, Gemma. One user commented: "Joey Essex did NOT just refer to the QUEEN herself Gemma Collins as 'some girl'...."

One fan exclaimed: "'Some girl' JOEY! Put some respect on Gemma Collins' name! ! ! ! Don't undermine that TOWIE made you! " Another chimed in with: "Joey needs to accept TOWIE has so many iconic moments and unfortunately for him, it's never anything he has said. Put some respect on Gemma Collins' name. In fact everywhere he goes they should scream GC at him."

With a touch of humour, another added alongside a laughing emoji: "As if Joey just referred to Gemma Collins as some girl. Respect her please."

Echoing the sentiment, someone else remarked: "How DARE Joey Essex call the queen GC, 'Some Girl'."

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