Love Islanders shift grafting game plan after bombshell arrivals ruffle feathers

Tensions are set to rise on Love Island after the entry of two bombshells has turned some of the islanders’ attention away from their original love interests.

Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown, a 25-year-old model and property developer, and 24-year-old money adviser David Salako made a shock entrance on the ITV2 dating show on Wednesday.

David chose to take 22-year-old biomedical science student Tanya Manhenga, who is currently coupled up with 24-year-old airport security officer Shaq Muhammad, on a date.

Tanya Manhenga Love Island
Biomedical science student Tanya Manhenga (ITV)

Thursday’s episode will see David continuing to pursue Tanya, complimenting another of her outfit choices, with Tanya replying: “You’re going to get tired of telling me.”

David says: “No more compliments, just kisses.” As they both laugh, David adds: “For sure, it could happen tonight? I feel like we’ve got a connection now already.”

Meanwhile, new bombshell Zara chose to take 25-year-old financial adviser Ron Hall on a date, prompting his current partner Lana Jenkins, a 25-year-old make-up artist, to inquire further.

Ron tells her: “I think I’ll have conversations with her and get to know her, my head is where it was before, it’s just another girl has been thrown in the mix to have conversations with and see if it’s better than what we have.”

After coupling and recoupling a number of times in the first episode, 24-year-old PE and science teacher Kai Fagan, from Manchester, ended up with Tanyel Revan, 26, a hairstylist from north London.

Hair stylist Tanyel Revan who is joining the cast of Love Island series nine. (©ITV)
Hair stylist Tanyel Revan (ITV)

Thursday’s episode saw Kai branching out and getting to know 20-year-old Anna-May Robey, a payroll administrator from Swansea, before he asked Tanyel how she felt about it.

Tanyel says: “You didn’t do anything wrong, but I actually got really jealous and I don’t like it.”

Kai replies: “The fact that you’ve told me that you were jealous is the first intel that I’ve actually got that you actually like me.”

Tanyel replies: “I know and this is what I wanted to talk to you about, it really annoyed me that you spoke to someone else, that obviously shows me that I like you.”

Following their conversation, Kai heads to the beach hut and says: “I think she’s realised that it’s not going to be as plain sailing as she thought it was gonna be, I think she’s realised that she actually really likes me.”

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Later, Tanyel’s attention turns to Ron, telling him: “Two can play that game, my top two would be you and Kai.”

She later tells the beach hut: “I feel like Ron brings out a different side of me, maybe more of the feistier side which is probably better in some ways. I want to flirt with Ron all day and all night.”

The episode will also also see the Islanders play a game of dares-meets-beer pong, with Tanyel dared to kiss the Islander she thinks is boyfriend material and Anna-May dared to kiss the Islander she fancies the most.

Meanwhile, Zara is dared to kiss both the cheeks of the Islander she thinks is the most two-faced, while David gets the chance to kiss someone he fancies.

Love Island continues on ITV2 and ITVX.