Love Island's Claudia gets welcome home present that takes aim at Casey

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Love Island - Claudia's cake takes aim at CaseyITV

Love Island star Claudia Fogarty has received a welcome home present upon her return from the villa, with the gift taking a dig at ex-flame Casey O’Gorman.

Claudia had been coupled with Casey throughout the series before he began to pursue bombshell Rosie. On Thursday, March 2, Claudia left the villa with Keanan after Olivia and Maxwell were forced to evict a couple.

Upon returning home, Claudia was greeted by her friends and family, who had gifts to share with her. Taking to Instagram Stories, she showcased one present that took aim at Casey: a heart-shaped cake with a very familiar line written on it.

"You can't have your cake + eat it," the cake reads.

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Claudia Fogarty - Instagram

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While this phrase is a popular idiomatic proverb, it's also a reference to what Claudia told Casey during the ‘Snog, Marry, Pie’ challenge. After Casey chose to couple with Rosie, Claudia pied him and said she wouldn't be anyone's "option".

Upon her exit from the villa, Claudia revealed that she was "disappointed" to be leaving, but admitted that Olivia and Maxwell made the right call.

"It's a bittersweet feeling considering the whole Casey situation, and there wasn’t anyone else for me after that," she said. "I left with Keanan, which was lovely, and I'm excited to see my family now."

She continued: "It would have been nice to stay if someone came in for me, but Olivia and Maxwell picking me and Keanan was the right decision. Everyone else had a connection and we didn't."

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Claudia also revealed she already missed the villa, saying it was strange to wake up in her own bed, and disclosed who she would like to win the series.

“[I want] Tom and Samie [to win] — the journey they've been on has had ups and downs, but you can see how much he adores her," she said.

"I want what they have. He worships the ground she walks on. Watching them grow together and form such a beautiful bond was a lovely thing to witness."

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2, and is available via catch up on ITVX and BritBox.

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