Love Island's Jack Fincham admits taking cocaine and terror over reaction of girlfriend's dad Danny Dyer

Jack Fincham (Credit: PA)
Jack Fincham (Credit: PA)

Love Island winner Jack Fincham has admitted to embarking on a cocaine binge last weekend, and is now terrified of what his girlfriend’s dad, EastEnders star Danny Dyer, will say.

Former stationary salesman Fincham reportedly went out on the town in Maidstone, Kent, with fellow Love Island contestants Adam Collard and Sam Bird.

The 26-year-old told The Sun that following his success on the show, which he joint won last year along with Dyer’s daughter Dani, now his girlfriend, he’s regularly offered drugs while out at showbiz events.

“I’m sure most dads would take a dim view of it,” he told the newspaper. “I’ve made a mistake and I’m sorry for it and that’s the truth.

“I’m in a new world of partying and stuff, and being in circles that I would never normally have been in.

Jack Fincham (left) and Dani Dyer attending the National Television Awards 2019 held at the O2 Arena, London. (Credit: Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images)
Jack Fincham (left) and Dani Dyer attending the National Television Awards 2019 held at the O2 Arena, London. (Credit: Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images)

“I’d never normally be in these situations but, yes, since winning the show I have been offered cocaine a lot.

“But I went out all night, I was drinking and I just got carried away and made a stupid, stupid mistake which I wish I’d never done, you know. I regret it.”

He continued: “In the past I would never have found myself in a club where everyone wants to be your friend – but obviously they’re not really your friends at all.

“Before I couldn’t really afford to go out and drink all night with how expensive it is.

“But all of a sudden I’m being offered free drinks the whole night, getting more drunk than I ever would have been before and I’ve gone along with it.

“That night it was a complete error in judgment. It’s a silly thing to do, it’s not something I’ve made a habit of. I mean, what an idiot.

“It’s not a reflection of my character, but I’ve had a blowout. It was a lapse in judgment, but it’s not something that I’ll ever do again.

“I’ve told Dani, and obviously she doesn’t agree with anything like that at all. She doesn’t like all that. But obviously, she’ll always support me. She said, ‘I’ll always support you, you made a mistake, we all make mistakes, but don’t ever do it again’.

“I don’t want to bring her into it, I’ve had a conversation with her and it’s not fair on her.”

Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family (Credit: BBC)
Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family (Credit: BBC)

Fincham, however, might not be in for quite the roasting he thinks he is, however.

Dyer has been vocal on the subject of drug use in the past.

In his 2011 memoir, Danny Dyer: Straight Up, he wrote: “I’ve always taken drugs and I probably always will, but there’s a difference between having the odd crafty bump up the snout as a reward for a job well done and letting it rule your life.”

He added in a later interview: “You can’t brush it under the carpet and try and pretend it doesn’t happen, because it does happen. It happens all over the world every night, millions and millions of people.

“And it can have a terrible effect on people, and other people can deal with it and get on with their lives and never lose a job and bring up their children, and be fine with it. I think everything in moderation.

“It’s not like I’m a Blue Peter presenter is it?”

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