Love Island's Layla responds to confusion over Jessie and Will speech

Love Island's Layla has responded to fan confusion over her recoupling speech to Jessie and Will after Casa Amor.

Given he was coupled up with Jessie, Will shocked Islanders and viewers alike when he shared more than one kiss with Layla during Casa Amor while Jessie stayed loyal.

But when he later decided to stay in a couple with Jessie, sending Layla home, Layla didn't hold back in telling the Aussie bombshell all about Will's antics during the recoupling ceremony.

However, fans were left confused when Layla seemingly failed to tell Jessie that Will ended things with her after the first day because he felt guilty.

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Layla is now claiming she did in fact tell all, but that particular conversation was cut out during editing.

"We have to remind ourselves that it is obviously a TV show and they can't fit everything in," she explained during a recent Q&A on her Instagram Stories. "I don't know why me telling Jessie that Will felt guilty wasn't included. But think about it, it might have been because it was already said by Will at the recoupling."

Layla continued: "I said that he felt guilty, that his head was jumbled. I also said that I don't think any of the three of us were in the wrong. And that I wasn't here to come for Will, I didn't think Will was a bad guy.

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"But equally, just because you say you feel guilty doesn't mean that's okay, because it's not okay. And also Jessie held him accountable for that."

Despite acknowledging Will's guilt over the kiss, Layla recently said she believes she and Will had a genuine spark.

"You don’t kiss somebody if you’re into someone else," she shared after her dumping. "We got on, there was something there."

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2, and is available via catch up on ITVX and BritBox.

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