Love Island's Maxwell Samuda opens up on split from Olivia Hawkins

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Love Island alumni Maxwell Samuda has candidly spoken about his split from Olivia Hawkins. The former couple met on this year's winter edition of the ITV2 reality series, leaving just a few days before reaching the final.

In recent months, there have been rumours that the two have gone their separate ways, with claims that Maxwell's holiday to Mexico without her was a big reason, although Olivia denied that at the time.

Appearing on YouTuber Murad Merali's show, Maxwell confirmed that the two have split, but explained that the holiday (which he had planned before even going on the show) wasn't a contributing factor. It was actually something many Islanders have mentioned before: the difference between being a couple on the show and being a couple in real life.

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"The main thing I would say with the whole situation is that when you're in the villa and even just after the villa but you're still in South Africa together, it is a very different environment," he said.

"All that you have to focus on in that period of time is each other and kind of just being on holiday together, and it's very easy to have a great time when you're on holiday.

"But then once you come back home and there's all these other things going on that then take your attention and take your focus. It really gives you the opportunity to look at it and think: 'Is there really longevity in this situation or was it that we've connected and had a really amazing time together in this environment, but outside in the real world we're just not too sure if it's got that same longevity to it?' Unless you've come out of Love Island you can't fully understand the stress and experience that can come straight after."

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Samunda further said that perhaps they weren't the strongest couple in the villa and so it was an inevitable situation due to the commitment required.

"Combining that with... Unless you leave in a very strong couple it's very difficult to still put what is needed into the relationship because relationships do take time and energy. When there's so much other stuff going on that is taking your thought away from it, it is difficult to be honest."

Love Island airs on ITV2, and is available via catch up on ITVX and BritBox.

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